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Wearable technology

By shailesh gyawali

Wearable technology or fashion electronics are the clothing and accessories combined with computers, advanced electronics and technology. This concept indicates practical functional features but is highly critical.



Wearable technology is in close resemblance with ubiquitous computing and wearable computers. Like the ubiquitous computing, the wearable technology also uses the concept of technology for day to day life. First of this kind was calculator watch introduced during the year 1980. Later Ilya Fridman designed the Bluetooth head phones in the form of earrings which was having the hidden microphones, then came the SPY TIE with video camera and USB gloves which keeps the hands warm when plugged in. wearable technology can be used applications for athletes in monitoring and providing real time feedback. Decreased cost of processing and other electronic devices is boosting this concept.


Sony Ericsson has hosted a competition in collaboration with London College of fashion technology to design digital clothing and the winner was a cocktail dress with Bluetooth which lights up when call is received. Zach "Hoeken Smith" invented keyboard pants. Digital eyewear with heads up display (HUD) is under development. US military is using a headgear for soldiers which are equipped with displays.

Wearable computers

As the concept of wearable computer has close resemblance with wearable technology, it is needed to be discussed. These are the miniature electronic devices worn by the user with the clothing. This type of technology was developed basically to support general and special purpose information technologies. This technology is useful incase of applications which requires more complex form of computation.

Wearable devices are consistent in nature and they don’t need to be turned off or on. They maintain a constant interaction with the user and they are capable of multitasking. These can perform action while the user is up for something else and acts as an extension of user’s mind or body.

Applications of Wearable technology/computers

There are many applications user’s eyes, voice, arms or motions etc are actively considered as a primary physical environment for operation.

This technology has feasible implied for

  • Sensor integration – to help people do things in better ways

  • Behavioral modeling

  • Health care systems

  • Service management

  • Smartphones

  • Mobile phones

  • Fashion design

  • Electronic textiles

Wearable technology is buzzing now because of news related to Google glass, relaunch of UP Wristband, upcoming Apple iWatch and electronic tattoos.

Present wearable technology

Google Glass 

Google Glass

Video preview of Google glass is available now. According to the video, it’s a wearable heads which is voice controlled. This enables the user to read messages, browse web and watch movies hands free. Voice control allows the user to browse the web, take pictures and record the videos. It also includes the features like video chat, weather applications, maps and onscreen translation.

Google also planning to expand its pre order program to take the assistance of developers to shape the glass of future. The glass explorer initiative allows the user to try the glass and provide the feedback which helps the Google in its developmental phase.

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UP wristband 

Wristband designed by Yves Behar for San Francisco electronics brand Jawbone which monitors each move of the user is launched in Europe, this band monitors how the user sleeps, eats and moves. Early launch of this band was a technical failure. This band can be purchased from Jawbone’s website and Apple stores; this band monitors user activities around the clock and records them later it sends the results to the smartphone app with how to improve the daily activities. This app is recently launched in Android and iOS. Initial batch of this band was withdrawn because of poor durability, water resistance failure and poor battery back up but now the design is renewed and has overcome all the problems.


This band is capable to learn about the user and it records all the data about the person and helps them to overcome the problems by comparing the data with standard data.

Rumors about Apple’s iWatch

Rumors say that the Apple is working on iWatch, a wearable smartwatch which links it to iPhone. A Chinese news website claimed that the Apple is working together with Intel to create a wearable smart watch which links with the user’s iPhone via Bluetooth and voice assistant. It is believed that this watch comes with the 3.8 cm OLED screen which can manage text messages, emails and status updates.


Temporary tattoo electronic circuits

The firm MC10 has developed flexible electronic circuits which stick directly to the user’s skin and monitors health. This is also called as bio stamp, which is stretchable. This stretches with the skin and monitors body temperature, strain and hydration. Company believes that this technology can be used to monitor the patients easily instead of sticking them to larger machines. Company also states that this is a convenient and more accurate result driven technique as the patients can reveal the accurate results in normal atmosphere instead of hospital.

Other applications of this stamp includes, the athlete can determine the hydration required to attain peak performance and the user can understand the accurate quantity of sunscreen required. MC10 overcame the concept of brittle silicon chips by printing the circuits on flexible materials. This patch lasts for two weeks on the skin and the company is working to develop wireless platform to link the patch to a smartphone app.

Futuristic wearable technology

Touch screen T shirts

Most of the people cannot keep distance from their smartphone, so the new concept brings the true wearable technology. Imagine your touch screen T shirt which allows you to perform all the smart phone action. The company Under Armour is working on this concept but we may have to wait little longer to realize this concept.

Conclusion –

Future seems to be more promising with the aid of wearable technology. This can be a great innovation by human beings to keep themselves healthy and fit. As we discussed earlier, this technology in medical field can bring massive changes and human life becomes more and more easy. As the electronics is becoming cheap, these technical gadgets can be reachable for common person in future. This technology with smartphone collaboration can do anything but we may have to wait for some more years. Wearable technology is beautiful because it has the potential to release the people from the screen and make them more hands free. Imagine a life of touch screen interface everywhere, emailing and status updating without sitting in front of computer or smartphones, taking pictures and recording videos without adjusting the lens and light everything’s going to be easy and perfect.

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