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By shailesh gyawali

As we are gearing up to welcome a new year and bid farewell to the old one, we are frantically trying to gather all the facts that sublimely changed the online experience. Some of us have done quite a few mistakes or were on bit back foot with the flow but quickly we are getting ourselves together by learning from our mistakes and look towards a hopeful future. In today’s date content management is not something that can be managed single handle and we should well take a look in what the New Year has to offer. Also it is quite clear to many that content management growth remains strong and would be booming in coming times. And with drastic change in the outlook of the internet both from user end and provider end, we need to look at better solutions that could be beneficial for all as it is the time where information is the best bet and could be shared by all.

The trend that is likely to hit the content management systems the most is effective management and understanding the industry. Outsourcing would be major to the ‘knowledgeable workers’ with efficient performance with reliability in data use and access. Also many companies are looking for dynamic contents as the information needs to be updated and well managed, irrespective of whichever industries they are in. Again understanding our customers’ need is the key point and we should be doing it in a better and broader prospective. The customer journey will be important starting from discovery and proper interactions towards advocacy. Any website that fails to implement a dynamic webpage that the clients or customer are looking for and interact will be hindered the most.

With the exponential growth in the types of gadgets and electronic media that can connect to the internet modern content management system should look for pages that are easily readable in any format whether it be IPad, or mobile or desktop. Building a different webpage for each version is quite time taking and has turned obsolete considering the limitations one has to face while developing this pages. Instead companies could look for dynamic pages with proper content that can easily get morphed according to the variety of devices. This is a major progress that all organizations must take as the use of internet is not limited to a numbered few through only few defined gadgets. Also proper interacting support should be provided instead of displaying a read only site.

Another trend that will overlap many existing notions of content management would be the use of social media properly. The social media website no longer remains a place for entertainment or connectivity only as it has acquired deeper roots in lending a positive status for a said website. And with the increase in the use of them for the marketability and getting a proper establishment in the market, proper integration and follow up through them is a must to prosper in our respective fields.

With various analytical tools and SEO updates that has taken the internet world by a storm, we should always keep abreast with the latest tweaks and upgrades and always try to look into the footfalls that our website is receiving on a regular basis. We should also look into the proper structure and layout of the page so that the footfalls are not static, obsolete or vague but the real-time updated view is known to us. With proper feedbacks from the customers other issues that they are facing while loading our pages should also not be ignored and addressed at once.

Finally one should always remember that time as well as manpower is valuable and should not be wasted much. Having great and quality content writers from outside the domain who understand our business well saves us both as well help us to judge our business from an outsider’s perspective. A good content writer will always provide fresh content and help us save valuable time and employment of other people on our payroll thus increases our productivity.

The coming year promises to be quite innovative in regards to the content management system and if we try to learn from our mistakes from the nascent stage, then it will change the face of our business for good. And just by keeping our eyes open to the changes that are making people to follow a certain beneficial stream we could take our business to a new and better level.

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