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Ek Tha Tiger Review

By shailesh gyawali

What would happen, if you gave a camera in the hands of a bunch of monkeys? The outcome would be exactly what an individual would feel after watching Ek Tha Tiger. It’s a spy thriller movie mashed up with sadistic love story and one-liner jokes. If you thought there can’t anything worse than Agent Vinod, then you maybe possibly wrong because the makers of Ek Tha Tiger have left no stone unturned to rank it in one of the worst movies made in the recent times. When you’re watching a Salman starrer, you can’t expect a decent storyline, however, if you do expect, then you must be get a punishment of watching RGV ki Aag 3 times.

Ek Tha Tiger

The movie starts with a documentary like introduction in order to show the pseudo research done by the makers. However, all their seriousness ends even before finish praising them. Next enters Salman and there starts an unending saga which would require many disprine and puking tablets. Tiger (Salman Khan) is a RAW Agent who is always on a mission. Tiger has been doing great job on a professional front but in his personal life, he has no time for love, probably because girls don’t find him attractive with his bruised face and parents find him scary. However, things change abruptly when he bumps into Zoya (Katrina Kaif) while on a mission. Thereafter, for sometime the Tiger becomes an innocent looking writer and begins his mussy love story with Zoya but sadly their life takes an abrupt turn when Tiger finds out that Zoya is an ISI agent, and then follows their moving apart from each other. Sobbing begins and everyone watching the movie readies to takeout their tissue papers but before people could mop their tears, they meet up again. Everything starts from square one and finally the movie ends with never-ending chase sequences where Salman Khan breaks all the laws of Physics in order to reach the Private Jet being flown by Zoya. I have always believed that Indian film makers should avoid making super hero movies until the likes of Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Saif Ali Khan are acting because these guys end up doing super humanly acts despite being human in the film.

The irony of the movie is that the director wanted to make it an action thriller but the end result was a love melodrama with few action scenes. The best part of the movie is the chase sequence which has been choreographed with great perfection. You can’t jump a few times from one building to another, and then call the movie a blockbuster. Stereotyping with locations has been an age old problem with our scriptwriters. They can’t just think out-of-box. For instance, if you’re in Turkey, then you’re bound to see a Mosque and in Cuba you’ll see a bunch of people Cigars in style. The research work for coming up with something unique rather than what’s expected seems to be lacking.

All that you read above would make no sense to a typical Salman Khan fan because he will be going to a cinema hall only to watch Salman Khan and nothing else would matter to him. And it is certain that if you happen to watch the movie in a cinema hall with a bunch of Salman lovers present there, then you may hear lots of whistles and cheers every time Salman jumps from one building to another or cracks a one-liner. Katrina Kaif with her monotonous looks does no good for lifting the level of the movie. It is high time people looked upon her more than just a beautiful actress who can smile. I mean, common she is a top actress still she hardly emotes any expression while delivering a dialogue.

Irrespective of what people may publicize about the movie but the fact is that it’s just a feeble attempt to present an old-styled Bollywood movie by adding few new flavors. The songs of the movie are forgettable, so by the time you leave after watching the movie you wonder what’s there in the movie which would make your money worth, probably the action scenes of Salman.

I would give Ek Tha Tiger Half Star and I do this because I sympathize with a 40+ guy who has jumped from one building to another throughout the movie. Now that’s what you call pain in the ass.

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  1. people like salman and the stroy like this .. so no comments on the marketing of the movie .. the movie was one-time-watch ..