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Airtel has always been known for focusing on youth oriented advertisements. In 2011, it came up with the song “Hare ek Friend Zaroori hota hain” and within no time, it became the anthem for youths. You could see youths throughout India humming the song and also using it as their caller tune. In fact, the song went viral when it was released on YouTube, so sticking to its plan Airtel has recently launched a new advertisement, Jo tera hai wo mera hain, which also focuses on youths. This song is also hummable and melodious, and the latest buzz is that it has been immensely liked by youngsters. Let’s try analyzing the song and its significance.

The video starts with a girl speaking in dull tone, where she says that life is boring when one is alone but then two guys interrupt and sing “with us and we life becomes interesting”. Here, the makers of the videe clearly want to indicate that sharing makes life fun and interesting. This video completely focuses on sharing among friends. It also gives various examples how friends can share their life experiences and incidents using Airtel Internet. There has been usage of smart marketing by Airtel.

2)Youngsters and friendship:
It’s during the college days, when we notice the true meaning of friendship. We spend endless hours with our friends and share every tit-bit secrets. With the presence of the Internet, the sharing has been multiplied to a great extent. Airtel has targeted the right generation because it is the youngsters who are now one of the leading mobile Internet users, as they chat, mail, or use other social networking sites throughout the day. Jo Tera hain wo Mera hain song is special because it depicts reality and every youth can relate to it. The same was the case with “Hare k friend zaroori hota hain”.

The song has a vital message to the society. The makers of the song want to indicate that sharing is fun and it brings happiness which greed can’t bring. Life is interesting when we share our things with others. True happiness doesn’t come when we are alone; instead we attain true happiness when we share it with our near and dear ones, which also include our friends. With this advertisement, Airtel has added another feather to the meaning of friendship. The advertisement clearly indicates the growing importance of Internet among youngsters. Airtel has understood the need of youngsters and through this advertisement it has presented a true picture.

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