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Windows phone 8 : What to Offer

By shailesh gyawali
No one knows what up with Microsoft. Last week they surprise the world with  “Surface”. This week Microsoft announced the Mobile Based Operating system; code name “Apollo” which will be available this Fall with Windows 8. 

While Addressing to Microsoft Mobile Summit Joe belfiore Reviled the details of Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft has re-coded Windows Phone from the ground up for the new version. Previous versions of Windows Phone were based on Microsoft’s old mobile OS, Windows CE, but now the platform will share the same source code as the company’s coming desktop OS, Windows 8.

Hoever this re-coded Windows Phone have Rendering effect ,no current Windows smartphone, including the newly released Lumia 900, will be eligible to upgrade to the latest operating system. Current Windows Phone owners will not be able to experience the new customization options, integrated Voice over IP, Nokia Maps or Microsoft’s Wallet hub, without purchasing a new handset this fall. The current Owner will be Upgarded to Windows Phone 7.8.

The Windows Phone 8 supports dual- and quad-core support, SD card expansion, a redesigned home screen and near field communications (NFC) technology support, so manufacturers can turn handsets into virtual wallets.

Microsoft also has much more to offer IT departments with Windows Phone 8. The new OS supports encryption, secure boot and device management, and it includes mobile versions of Microsoft’s popular Office apps.

What do you think of Windows Phone 8 and its many features?

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