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November 20, 2014, U.S. President Barack Obama announced the New Immigration Reform; an executive action to the U.S. immigration policy which ease the threat deportation of about 4.7 million immigrants.


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Silicon Valley Can Be a Winner in Obama’s New Immigration Reform

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Scientists have achieved a new landmark in the field of artificial intelligence. Two groups of scientists have developed an accurately image defining software that can recognize and explain the image, photographs and video in as accurate and perfect way as humans do, sometimes even mimicking human levels of understanding.

Until now this ability was just limited to image recognition and recognizing individual data. The software entirely described the scene at Google and at Stanford University last Monday. Example: flock of sheep grazing and running down hill. As per its working ability, it writes the caption in English language describing the scene.

New Landmark In Artificial Intelligence; Image-Recognition Software Developed

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The winners in the AfricaCom Awards 2014 have been announced! Those who are anticipating and are interested to know about the results are surely excited to know who these awardees are. If you are also interested, just a few seconds more and you will already know who they are!


AfricaCom Awards 2014

The AfricaCom Awards is made every year as a means to promote digital excellence in Africa. The 2014 awardees were just announced. The event was held at AfricaCom, which is in South Africa. One thing that can perfectly describe the recently held contest is that it was a fierce one. The contest was not only fierce. It was also noticed that the awards have grown again, which has been the case for the past year. It is a good indication that more and more people are truly trying and making the effort to contribute to the improvement of digital technology.

One of the present individuals during the event even commented that the overall quality of the year’s entries have more than surpassed their expectation. This comment came from Adam Thompson, the Research Manager of Informa Telecoms & Media. He also added that how the innovation is doing across the country is heartening and world class. From this innovation, it is also seen that the number of leaders who are helping with the market’s emerging needs is growing. The Winners in the AfricaCom Awards 2014

For the most awaited results of the yearly held AfricaCom Awards, here is the list stating the recipients for this year. Congratulations to the shortlisted entries!

AfricaCom Awards 2014 - Winners Announced

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Ending 10 year long partnership with Google, Firefox has changed its default search engine from to Yahoo in the United States.

"I'm thrilled to announce that we've entered into a five-year partnership with Mozilla to make Yahoo the default search experience on Firefox across mobile and desktop". "This is the most significant partnership for Yahoo in five years," announced, Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer. 


This shift has been looked upon as massive shift and yahoo's need of more search traffic is supposed to be fulfilled by Firefox! This is indirectly good news for Microsoft who is powering Yahoo search technology.

yahoo rocks

From the month of December this change will come in Firefox for US based users. And for all yahoo search users, yahoo will implement a new search technology and user can experience clean, modern and impressive search experience.

At the same time yahoo has agreed to respect users preference of "not to be tracked" technology available in Firefox.

In the more than 10 year long partnership with Google, Firefox, with its million users performing billion search every year, was one of the greatest source of traffic for Google.


Google was funding Mozilla primarily from the portion of revenue that it shares and on 2012 search revenue shared was $311 million. The new financial details of Yahoo's Firefox contract weren't disclosed. Mozilla CEO Chris Beard mentioned that eh new deal will improve the economic terms of Mozilla Corporation and it will help them to enhance their mission of advancing the desktop web browser.


Yahoo meanwhile is trying its best to reclaim and regain its previous dominance in web search. Now Google will not have to share its search revenue with anyone as it has its own default search browser.


For Firefox this is a a chance where it will support the default search providers in many different countries. Previously Google provide default services across the world. If someone wants another search engine as their default, they can switch to other using Firefox’s other search providers like Google, DuckDuckGo and Bing. Firefox will also struck search deal of Baidu's search engine in China and Yandex in Russia.


This deal is also a coup for Yahoo. Search has always been major priority of Yahoo. In recently completed quarter, Yahoo made more money from Search advertising than other display advertisement which is traditionally the company's biggest revenue contributor.


The new design shown by Yahoo in gif make it feels like the new search display are more visual based then its previous portal. The look is also quite similar to Google's search engine result pages.


Sharing about 10% of browsers on desktop computers, mobiles and tablets compared to over 33% for Google Chrome in October, it seems like Yahoo has taken another risk to get back its share in search market. For now this is really unclear, whose gain is this or whose loss. Will this make a major appreciable gain for Yahoo or loss for Google, who has been a major player in browser through popularity of chrome?

Image Credit: SearchEngineLand

Firefox Ditches Google, New 5 Year Deal With Yahoo

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Google Nexus 6 is a beast; its big, very big. This is the first phablet sized Smartphone to run Android 5.0 Lollipop and also a large version of new Moto X. Nexus 6 is the best way to experience the Google's latest update.

The massive 5.96 inch display and the latest Snapdragon processor makes it move seamlessly between apps. Also features 32 GB RAM and all day lasting Qi-chargeable 3220 mAh battery.

All thanks to Androids always-superior keyboards and smooth clean body that is enough to edge out the mighty iPhone 6 Plus. 13 megapixel camera is what make is fantaboulous.

Nexus 6: A Beautiful Cumbersome Beast

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Are you looking for an easy to use and intuitive web design and development tool that can help you when it comes to compiling the code for various languages like LESS, SCSS and a lot more? Prepros can be the right tool you will want to use. Read on now to learn more about this tool and to understand how you can benefit from using it.

PREPROS - Easy to use Web design and Development tool

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Google has simply launched its newest version of android, and also the company is showing it off on a brand new slate of Nexus devices: A 9-inch tablet and an upcoming phone, the Nexus 6.

I tried the android 5.0, named Lollipop, on the Nexus 9 tablet that was designed by HTC. The OS includes some welcome enhancements, refinements and new features, however the Nexus 9 tablet is a someway too dear to be a decent worth.

Android’s Latest Version Lollipop is Matured and Accessible

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Digital identity is growing more important every single day as the data can be tracked back on us that includes our messages, photos, contacts, merchant details and social media.


As far as the security on web is concerned, people consider it much more important than on their million dollar house. You can get everything back on robbed home - if you have insurance. But losing your online account not only risk the losing account forever - it will devastate you; the heartbreak of identity theft.

Studies shows the major method of taking control of others online account is mass hijacking that is conducted by automated system and programs that send the spam links, messages and malware and other phishing strategy. Every day thousands of people get their online account in the list of hijacked accounts.

identity theft

Other cases are severe where hijackers target government websites, universities, business house and other corporate websites that involves in million dollar transaction and  sensitive information. Large number of such hijackers act as gateway to spy on other and  sell such information.

Recently, Google has pointed a new category of Hijacking, named it "manual hijacking".  The major distinguishable factor of manual hijacking is it purpose. These usually are personal and abusive. This is concerned with infiltrating an individual's account that directs towards cyber crime. Despite being time consuming and unsafe for hijackers they aim of personal bank account. Statistics shows only nine incident spent million users per day but the result can be severe than any of other - calling it totally devastating.

Tech giants also reveal more about the rarity of these hijacks. Google also decided to research further of the sources of phishing emails, websites, and how these cybercriminals operate.

This newly described technique is different from what the hijackers do with impersonal servers, brute-force attacks or phishing campaigns sent to thousands. They try their best to go through you and your credentials so that every criminal steps they take toward the data sensitive for you may look legitimate and handled by yourself. This might include refilling your profile and working all business hours to get thought it.

According to researchers, guessing passwords and installing malwares and key loggers were most popular method used to access an account. Usually the installation sequence is sent  as message to you congratulating for winning million dollar lottery or from your very old  friend that was out of contact for many years - a lost friend.

The question asking for people "which city they most frequently logged in most from", caused the most immediate response from hijackers as they immediately started phishing  for the answers. A hacker can access your most of account within 30 minutes of such a loose clue they collect correctly. This simple entry will be then barred against your  entry by changing the details, before a search of other links begins -- such as banking and social media accounts.

We might consider our self smart enough to fall for such lures, reports shows that the  success rate from a venerable or malicious website is near to 45 percent and 14% people submit details in such websites. 3% of people among us are being fooled by fake website every time.

Google also said that most of the time people set easy sequential passwords like 'QWERTY'  or 'Jesus', phone number and related to relationship. These are the most venerable techniques. All you have to do to be safe is keep updating your own security system frequently and maintain firm setting to most secured level. Never put easily remembered password and dictionary combination to help hijackers go through your critical cases and files.

Another way to maintain the top security is secondary levels of verification. Not only guarantees safety from brute force attack but also the total recovery of your online account and important payment gateway.

Photo Credit: Vezoo

Deep Digs In Manual Hijacking

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Fraud shutterstock_152512505


Web is that virtual world where we now spend most of our time. Opportunities are available there and at the same time the terrifying consequences. It is the best place if one use it well and worst as well is just a click away. Make sure before you click!

Understanding Internet Fraud

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