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It's very empowering that individuals are currently putting more consideration into advances that will engage the individuals who generally can't exploit all the extravagant devices and programming that this era has' available to it. All things considered, even individuals with in-capacities may need to go on the web, use Facebook, or watch features on YouTube. That is the reason endeavors like Samsung's Eyecan+, really in its second era as of now, are welcome increments to the gradually adding to number of available items that bring these individuals and engineering closer together.

Samsung Electronics presented Eyecan+, the organization's second-era eye mouse that permits individuals with handicaps to form and alter archives and peruse the web through straightforward eye movement. Eyecan+ is the first of its kind, as it doesn't oblige clients to wear any gadget, for example, glasses. Rather, Eyecan+ is a solitary unit, compact box that sits underneath the screen, and works by remotely aligning with the client's eye.

Eyecan+ tracks eye movement and can be aligned to a particular client's eyes. It comes as box that sits underneath the machine screen so that the client won't be compelled to a particular position. He or she can utilize Eyecan+ whether taking a seat or resting, the length of the screen and the crate are inside sight.

 EYECAN+ requires the user to be situated between 60cm and 70cm from the monitor. Selecting is carried out by centering the eyes on a particular symbol and what might as well be called a mouse click is an eye squint. Eyecan+ makes 18 commands accessible, each of which can be arranged to a particular activity or a general console blend. The interface pops up as either a rectangular menu board or an outspread menu.

The utilization of every one of the 18 orders singularly based on eye  movement and blinking, and each one can be chosen by looking straightforwardly at the applicable symbol and squinting once. The 18 commands incorporate “copy,” “paste” and “select all,” as well as “drag and drop,” “scroll” and “zoom in.” Additional custom commands can likewise be made to incorporate existing keystroke orders, for example, "close program" ("Alt+f4") and "print" ("Ctrl+p").

Contrasted with its ancestor, EYECAN, Samsung's first eye mouse that was presented in March 2012, the alignment affectability and general client experience (UX) of Eyecan+ have been fundamentally updated, to some extent on account of Hyung-Jin Shin, a graduate understudy in software engineering at Yonsei University in Seoul. Conceived quadriplegic, Shin had worked with Samsung on EYECAN between 2011-12, and tackled a key part in creating the Eyecan+ UX by guiding the eye mouse throughout the span of 17 months and widely meeting expectations with Samsung designers to guarantee the prospering exhibit of capacities and commands stay viable and simple to get to and utilization.

One fascinating bit about Eyecan+ is that Samsung, however it creates the innovation, won't really market it. It will make a few boxes to be given to philanthropy associations. Rather, it will be open sourcing the configuration of Eyecan+ so that other people who do wish to make one or even market it will have the capacity to do so.

The Samsung Eyecan+ is, obviously,  by all account not the only diversion around the local area. Sesame is an alternate such endeavor that is looking for subsidizing and confirmation on Indiegogo right now. The distinction is that Sesame is generally a product execution, using a Nexus 5 as the fittings and utilizes both head following and voice orders to control the cell phone.

Image Credit: Samusng

Controlling Mouse With Samsung's EYECAN+, Bulit For Geeks With Disabilities

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OnePlus Two Details Leaked

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Have you ever been into a circumstance where you confronted issues to impart yourself to an individual on the grounds that individual was a speaker of an alternate dialect?

Have you ever faced an issue that your Multilingual knowledge seems to be insufficient??
On the off chance that your answer is yes then you are not alone. Dialect/ language obstruction is confronted by very nearly every individual who uses to go to distinctive parts of the world due to business hobbies or may be only out of wanderlust.

For instance, you will without a doubt face troubles in China when you have almost no information of Chinese. Correspondence is not generally simple in such cases. The dialect boundary can make basic errands extremely troublesome and you may feel disappointed and deficient.

An alternate issue is of stress. In some cases, it may happen that both of you can talk English yet your stress makes issues and goes about as an issue square. This sort of issue is generally common in multinational associations that have a different workforce of distinctive nationalities.

Google's Twin Keyboard is A Solution of Language Barrier 

Engineering is a key to overcome dialect hindrance and one such endeavor is made by Google. Google is presenting a console application that shows two consoles on a gadget screen so two individuals can talk in distinctive dialects.

The application shows two consoles on gadget screen orchestrated in two inverse bearings (as demonstrated in the picture). The profit of this plan is that it will make two clients to face one another amid the course of a discussion. In addition, it likewise encourages imparting non-verbal communication and outward appearances that will make the discussion much more tasteful.

Google-console that-succeeds dialect hindrance and-permits clients’ to-talk in-distinctive dialects
Separated from writing the content, you can even give voice inputs to the console. The discourse distinguishment calculation will change over the words talked by you into content and interpreted content will be introduced for an alternate client.

Let me explain you a case to regarding the working of interpretation motor and new twin console of Google.

Let assume your wanderlust took you to Spain and you are in Madrid, a standout amongst the brightest cosmopolitan urban communities of Europe. You need to go to Retiro Park and for that you've employed a taxicab.

Presently here comes the issue – the dialect hindrance. You can't talk Spanish and you don't know how to tell the taxicab driver that where you need to go. However you as of now have arrangement with you –the twin Keyboard by Google.

Here is the means by which the console may encourage a smooth discussion with the driver.
You will open the interpretation mode and two consoles organized in inverse bearing will be exhibited on your gadget screen. By communication through signing you will advise the driver to take a gander at the second console that is masterminded to him.

You will sort – "Howdy, how are you?" it will be interpreted into Spanish and "hola, como estas?" will be shown to the driver. He will sort "Yo soy bueno", and it will be interpreted into English, and "I am great" will be shown for you.

Presently you will sort – "I need to take a taxi to the Retiro Park" and "Quiero tomar un taxi El Retiro" will be shown on the screen for the driver. Bingo!!
Isn't it stunning?

Photo source: App store and Google patent

Amazing Multilingual keyboard by Google!!

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November 20, 2014, U.S. President Barack Obama announced the New Immigration Reform; an executive action to the U.S. immigration policy which ease the threat deportation of about 4.7 million immigrants.


new #imigration_law _shutterstock_58280260


Silicon Valley Can Be a Winner in Obama’s New Immigration Reform

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Scientists have achieved a new landmark in the field of artificial intelligence. Two groups of scientists have developed an accurately image defining software that can recognize and explain the image, photographs and video in as accurate and perfect way as humans do, sometimes even mimicking human levels of understanding.

Until now this ability was just limited to image recognition and recognizing individual data. The software entirely described the scene at Google and at Stanford University last Monday. Example: flock of sheep grazing and running down hill. As per its working ability, it writes the caption in English language describing the scene.

New Landmark In Artificial Intelligence; Image-Recognition Software Developed

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The winners in the AfricaCom Awards 2014 have been announced! Those who are anticipating and are interested to know about the results are surely excited to know who these awardees are. If you are also interested, just a few seconds more and you will already know who they are!


AfricaCom Awards 2014

The AfricaCom Awards is made every year as a means to promote digital excellence in Africa. The 2014 awardees were just announced. The event was held at AfricaCom, which is in South Africa. One thing that can perfectly describe the recently held contest is that it was a fierce one. The contest was not only fierce. It was also noticed that the awards have grown again, which has been the case for the past year. It is a good indication that more and more people are truly trying and making the effort to contribute to the improvement of digital technology.

One of the present individuals during the event even commented that the overall quality of the year’s entries have more than surpassed their expectation. This comment came from Adam Thompson, the Research Manager of Informa Telecoms & Media. He also added that how the innovation is doing across the country is heartening and world class. From this innovation, it is also seen that the number of leaders who are helping with the market’s emerging needs is growing. The Winners in the AfricaCom Awards 2014

For the most awaited results of the yearly held AfricaCom Awards, here is the list stating the recipients for this year. Congratulations to the shortlisted entries!

AfricaCom Awards 2014 - Winners Announced

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Ending 10 year long partnership with Google, Firefox has changed its default search engine from to Yahoo in the United States.

"I'm thrilled to announce that we've entered into a five-year partnership with Mozilla to make Yahoo the default search experience on Firefox across mobile and desktop". "This is the most significant partnership for Yahoo in five years," announced, Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer. 


This shift has been looked upon as massive shift and yahoo's need of more search traffic is supposed to be fulfilled by Firefox! This is indirectly good news for Microsoft who is powering Yahoo search technology.

yahoo rocks

From the month of December this change will come in Firefox for US based users. And for all yahoo search users, yahoo will implement a new search technology and user can experience clean, modern and impressive search experience.

At the same time yahoo has agreed to respect users preference of "not to be tracked" technology available in Firefox.

In the more than 10 year long partnership with Google, Firefox, with its million users performing billion search every year, was one of the greatest source of traffic for Google.


Google was funding Mozilla primarily from the portion of revenue that it shares and on 2012 search revenue shared was $311 million. The new financial details of Yahoo's Firefox contract weren't disclosed. Mozilla CEO Chris Beard mentioned that eh new deal will improve the economic terms of Mozilla Corporation and it will help them to enhance their mission of advancing the desktop web browser.


Yahoo meanwhile is trying its best to reclaim and regain its previous dominance in web search. Now Google will not have to share its search revenue with anyone as it has its own default search browser.


For Firefox this is a a chance where it will support the default search providers in many different countries. Previously Google provide default services across the world. If someone wants another search engine as their default, they can switch to other using Firefox’s other search providers like Google, DuckDuckGo and Bing. Firefox will also struck search deal of Baidu's search engine in China and Yandex in Russia.


This deal is also a coup for Yahoo. Search has always been major priority of Yahoo. In recently completed quarter, Yahoo made more money from Search advertising than other display advertisement which is traditionally the company's biggest revenue contributor.


The new design shown by Yahoo in gif make it feels like the new search display are more visual based then its previous portal. The look is also quite similar to Google's search engine result pages.


Sharing about 10% of browsers on desktop computers, mobiles and tablets compared to over 33% for Google Chrome in October, it seems like Yahoo has taken another risk to get back its share in search market. For now this is really unclear, whose gain is this or whose loss. Will this make a major appreciable gain for Yahoo or loss for Google, who has been a major player in browser through popularity of chrome?

Image Credit: SearchEngineLand

Firefox Ditches Google, New 5 Year Deal With Yahoo

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Google Nexus 6 is a beast; its big, very big. This is the first phablet sized Smartphone to run Android 5.0 Lollipop and also a large version of new Moto X. Nexus 6 is the best way to experience the Google's latest update.

The massive 5.96 inch display and the latest Snapdragon processor makes it move seamlessly between apps. Also features 32 GB RAM and all day lasting Qi-chargeable 3220 mAh battery.

All thanks to Androids always-superior keyboards and smooth clean body that is enough to edge out the mighty iPhone 6 Plus. 13 megapixel camera is what make is fantaboulous.

Nexus 6: A Beautiful Cumbersome Beast

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Are you looking for an easy to use and intuitive web design and development tool that can help you when it comes to compiling the code for various languages like LESS, SCSS and a lot more? Prepros can be the right tool you will want to use. Read on now to learn more about this tool and to understand how you can benefit from using it.

PREPROS - Easy to use Web design and Development tool

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