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The Y70 Touch does appear the ideal contender for a desktop substitution on paper, particularly thinking of it as' alluring cost. Anyway a couple minor issues keep it away from significance.

Specs and Pricing

Y70 Touch starts at $1049 and packs in some decent baseline specs like 8GB of RAM, a 1TB Hybrid SSD, an IntelCore-i5 4210H, and Nvidia’s 2GB version of the GTX 860M. Here the review is for the  the fully loaded SKU, and includes the following for $1349:

  • 4th generation Intel Core i7-4710HQ quad-core CPU at 2.50GHz
  • 17.3″ 1080p LED AntiGlare, multitouch screen
  • 4GB Nvidia GTX 860M
  • 1TB hybrid SSD
  • 16GB RAM
  • Intel Dual-Band Wireless AC 3160, Bluetooth 4.0
  • OS: Windows 8.1
  • Ports: Two USB 3.0, One USB 2.0, 2-in-1 SD card reader, HDMI out, headphone/mic in, Ethernet

3 total USB ports, which appears to be a little low for a machine this size and unquestionably not helpful for being a desktop substitution. That implies fixing out at a gaming mouse, USB headset, and outside hard commute. Depending upon your needs, a shabby USB port may be an essential partner.

As always everyone is fan of Y series design code and that amazing signature aesthetic looks sharp as always.This can be a influential factor on purchase.

Praise of keyboard aside, its a smooth looking machine thinking of it as' size. The back of the unit has tender bends, and the stereo speakers extend the red stress to the back sides, complimenting the stressed console and USB ports. Within there's a spacious, delicate touch wrist rest, two JBL speakers (in addition to subwoofer), and a little round power button hat mixes in with the visuals.

It has perfect amount of flash. Not remotely pompous, and it mixes in well whether you're at home or in an office situation.

Genuinely, there's very little to evaluate about the trackpad. Windows 8 motions work. It's large, responsive, and agreeable to use for every day exercises (not gaming clearly). At the same time it doesn't offer that out and out immaculate experience you'll have with something like a MacBook Air, or Dell's XPS 13 trackpad.

And Lenovo? Despite everything possible there are no individual who needs McAfee preinstalled.


In the realm of gaming laptops, Lenovo's Y70 Touch is on the lower end of the range, yet that doesn't mean it gives up quality. It just means that you won't be getting the sort of premium IGZO display found in a Razer Blade. The 1080p LED multitouch  looks awesome with greta view angles  and, in particular, deep blacks and good contrast even in darker scenes.  Touch surface is responsive, and will gradually become acclimated to utilizing it as a part of specific circumstances (mostly productivity tasks).

Gaming Benchmarks

If you are considering for a gaming series, it must deliver medium to high quality visuals at 1080p in playable framerates — a minimum of 30fps and a preferred target of 60fps. With its 4GB Nvidia GTX 860M, it almost checks off every demanding requirement.Here’s a roundup of the games benchmarked and their corresponding framerates:
  • BioShock Infinite: Ultra Quality = 48fps
  • Metro: Last Light Redux: Medium Quality = 51fps
  • Alien: Isolation: High Detail = 60fps
  • Batman: Arkham Origins: All DX11 features on, PhysX normal = 65fps
  • Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition: Medium Quality = 71fps
  • Tomb Raider: High Quality = 66fps

What Y70 delivers in a arguable budget price is impressible - at least as far as gaming series are concerned.

Heat Factor

Another factor to be considered for gaming series is heat factor. Thanks to the power-sipping architecture of Nvidia’s 860M and Lenovo’s thermal design. Running Fire Strike on a 60 minute loop and toward the end of the loop, measured key contact points on the Y70. The WASD keys topped out at 105F, which cab be considered comfortable if not cool. The hottest point on the front of the laptop was 112F, with the palm wrest a cool 79F.

Battery Life

With 50% brightness and an WiFi on the battery life is 2 hours and 5 minutes which is embarrassing to more expensive and more high-powered gaming notebooks.

Closing Thoughts

The Lenovo Y70 Touch is an appealing laptop with above normal gaming execution that wins its sticker, in spite of the fact that the consideration of just 3 USB ports may keep it from being a genuine desktop substitution. The keyboard— as with the whole Y Series — is a masterpiece, and the machine stays genuinely cool under extreme work. For total gaming experience, it can work best for 2-3 years.


Lenovo Y70 Touch Gaming Laptop Review

By Shristi Baral →
Google isn't wanting but begging the Firefox users to switch their default Search Engine. Few months earlier after Mozilla replaced Google with Yahoo as the default search provider in Firefox in the United States, soon worldwide, Google dropped by 2.4% and Yahoo gained more than 3.1% search share in Internet.

Likewise after the Yahoo-Mozilla deal, Yahoo is recommending a message at the top of its homepage and other properties, encouraging users to “upgrade to the new Firefox”.

In January Google came with video guide for all the Google Search-loving Firefox fans. Google also started telling Firefox users who visited its homepage to set the default experience back to Google with a message saying, “Get to Google faster. Make Google your default search engine.”

This week Firefox users with other default search browsers noticed 2.5 inch board in the Google search page, begging for switch back to Google. Google is taking things up a notch. It’s actually showing big ad-like messages at the top of unrelated search results pages, telling users to switch search engines.

Clicking No Thanks will make it just disappear. If you ignore, it will follow you to 3-4 more searches and go away.  Lots of critics and experts are marking this strategy as begging and desperate. Definitely, this rush and desperateness will grow up Yahoo's confidence and yeah support them move better way ahead.

Outgoing Google CFO Patrick Pichette was asked about Yahoo’s partnership with Mozilla on Google’s recent earnings call. He said:

Everyone know s about the Mozilla-Yahoo deal and so we wont comment more on the partnership and deals we made earlier, we will just take two major steps to make thing go alright. One is our users continue to actually go in, if they love Google, they will continue to find Google, whichever platform, whichever browser, and that’s really what we’ve focused on doing.

And the next piece is the way we can turn them to our long term win. Its very simple. We will make the wonderful products that are magical people will find them….partnerships matter. But at the core of it, you need partnership, because you have a phenomenal product. And that’s what we’re going to continue to build this amazing company.

Google's deal with Apple Safari to remain the default search experience there is set to expire soon. It will be interesting to see how far Google can go begging its users, also from Safari probably.

But its also possible that Apple could  go with Google again but what if Apple changed its mind to support Yahoo or Bing that are making Search Engine better. Yahoo and Microsoft have both been said to be ready to battle for the spot. On Yahoo’s earnings call, CEO Marissa Mayer was pretty clear about really wanting to have Yahoo as the default on Safari. She said:

We all know Safari Platform is one of the premiere search engine in the world, if not the premiere search engine in the world and that what we are always been looking and handling on. Its all about search distribution business. I think we stated that really clearly in the past and I think with Mozilla and also in addition we brought Amazon and eBay onboard with smaller distribution partnerships in Q4, we are in search distribution business and anyone who is in that business needs to be interested in the Safari deal.

Also the Safari users are the most lucrative users in the world and it’s something that we would really like to be able to provide. We work really closely with Mozilla to ultimately bring to their users an experience that they designed and that they feel really suit those users and we welcome the opportunity with any other partner to do the same, particularly one with Apple’s volume and end user base.

It is hereby noted that Google has assumed that it will gain its users back or not get them but likely to get many of them back by such aggressive switchback campaign as it is doing with Mozilla. Not the Search Share war but yeah, it going to be interesting.

Image :Source 

Is Google Begging With Firefox Users ?

By Shristi Baral →
Android,Windows Phone,iOS, each of these versatile devices had needed to begin some place, and none were anyplace close immaculate on the first attempt. Luckily, every OS improves with each cycle until, sooner or later, it all simply clicks. Ostensibly, Windows Phone recently became an adult with its most recent overhaul, form 8.1.

Indeed before today, Windows Phone just had a couple of enormous gaps remaining and to be sure, 8.1 seems to fill those crevices. Specifically, the OS now has an extravagant warning focus notwithstanding those mark Live Tiles; the console now takes into account swipe signals; and to wrap things up, it now has Cortana, a virtual collaborator to tackle Siri, Google Now and Samsung's S Voice. The 8.1 overhaul is a genuinely noteworthy one it may not be immaculate yet, however its agreeable Windows Phone has at long last grown up.

Microsoft is purportedly chipping away at a propelled form of its advanced partner in view of exploration from a man-made brainpower undertaking project named Einstein. As indicated by reports, Microsoft will be revealing its Cortana as a standalone application for gadgets running iOS and Android.

Microsoft presently offers Cortana on the Windows Phone. It as of late declared revealing another form on the desktop with its highly built up Windows 10 stage, which is prone to go authority not long from now, may be latter this year.

"This sort of innovation, which can read and comprehend email, will assume a focal part in the following take off of Cortana, which we are chipping away at now for the fall timeline," Eric Horvitz, overseeing executive of Microsoft Research and a piece of the Einstein task, is cited as saying.

Arrival of Cortana on different stages is said to be in accordance with dreams of CEO Satya Nadella, who has been investigating "cross-stage" to restore Microsoft as rivalry with Apple and Google keeps on heightening in diverse portions.

Windows 8.1 clients may have the capacity to play Halo's Master Chief as sources have uncovered that Microsoft's very foreseen voice right hand, codenamed Cortana will enter Beta on Lumia in April, and will be accessible for engineers in the U.S around then.

Now that is intriguing, yet here's the genuine article - Cortana will be voiced by Jen Taylor, the same AI character who voiced Halo's Cortana in the amusement. How about we trust Cortana is her cheeky self on telephones, much the same as she was in the Halo. Interestingly, the April arrival of Windows 8.1 redesign, thus conflicts with Microsoft's BUILD 2014 meeting.

As per our source MSFTnerd, who has not refered to any of its own sources in the report, says Cortana will advance to different gadgets in the wake of Spring. To begin off, it will come in the iPhone Bing application beginning this fall, however just in the U.S.

Next up will be Xbox One and Windows PC clients, Cortana will be advancing in 2015 with the Threshold upgrade, took after by rest of the world, chiefly targetting English talking districts. On the other hand, its still a touch confusing concerning what kind of Kinect coordination Microsoft has as a primary concern forXbox One, as AI gimmicks are less demanding to imitate on Windows 8.1 PCs.

Early reports on Cortana surfaced route back in September, when CEO Steve Ballmer quoted: "Our machine-learning foundation will comprehend individuals' requirements and what is accessible on the planet, and will give data and support. We will be extraordinary at reckoning needs in individuals' day by day schedules and giving understanding and help when they require it."

Nonetheless, ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley additionally includes that inevitably, Cortana will be the center experience coordinating future rendition of Windows, Windows Phone alongside the Xbox.


Cortana: Short Preview Before Its Launch

By Shristi Baral →
PRESIDENT OBAMA's residential motivation, which he declared in his State of the Union address not long from now, has a ton to like: medicinal services, maternity leave, moderate school. In any case there was one thing he got off-base. As a feature of his guarantee to teach American youngsters for an undeniably focused world, he pledged to "ensure a free and open Internet" and "develop its range to each classroom and each group."

More innovation in the classroom has long been an approach making panacea. However mounting confirmation demonstrates that giving understudies, particularly those from battling families, arranged gadgets won't shrivel the class partition in instruction. In the event that anything, it will augment it.

In the mid 2000s, the Duke University economists Jacob Vigdor and Helen Ladd followed the scholarly advance of almost one million impeded center school understudies against the dates they were given organized PCs. The scientists surveyed the understudies' math and perusing aptitudes yearly for a long time, and recorded how they invested their time. The news was bad.

"Understudies who get access to a home PC between the fifth and eighth grades have a tendency to witness a tireless decrease in perusing and math scores," the economists composed, adding that permit to surf the Internet was likewise connected to lower evaluations in more youthful kids.

Indeed, the understudies' scholastic scores dropped and stayed discouraged the length of the scientists watched them. What's more regrettable, the weaker understudies (young men, African-Americans) were more antagonistically influenced than the rest. At the point when their PCs arrived, their perusing scores tumbled off a precipice.

We don't know why this is, yet we can hypothesize. With no grown-ups to manage them, numerous children utilized their organized gadgets not for schoolwork, yet to play diversions, troll online networking and download excitement. (Also why not? Given their druthers, most grown-ups would do likewise.)

The issue is the differential effect on kids from poor families. Babies destined to low-salary folks spend no less than 40 percent of their waking hours before a screen — more than double the time spent by working class babies. They additionally get far less snuggling and bantering over family dinners than accomplish more advantaged kids. The give-and-take of these associations is the thing that predicts strong vocabularies and school achievement. Applications and features don't.

On the off chance that youngsters who invest additional time with electronic gadgets are additionally more prone to be out of sync with their peers' conduct and adapting by the fourth grade, why would adding additionally survey and clicking to their school days be viewed as a smart thought?

An unchallenged faith in the force of gadgetry has as of now prompted instructive disasters. Starting in 2006, the charitable One Laptop Per Child task imagined an advanced ideal world in which all understudies more than 6 years of age, around the world, would possess their own laptops. Ruined youngsters would hence have the ability to go online and instruct themselves — no school or instructor needed. With laptops for poor kids at first valued at $400, gifts poured in.

However the project didn't experience the ballyhoo. First off, the machines were carriage and frequently separated. What's more when they did work, the devastated understudies who got free laptops invested additional time on recreations and talk rooms and less time on their homework than in the recent past, as indicated by the instruction specialists Mark Warschauer and Morgan Ames. It's drive-by training — grown-ups disperse the laptops and after that leave.

It's actual that there is frequently a beginning uptick in understudies' engagement with their studies — intelligent applications can be enjoyable. In any case the oddity wears off following a couple of months, said Larry Cuban, an emeritus training teacher at Stanford.

Innovation has a part in instruction. Be that as it may as Randy Yerrick, a teacher of training at the University at Buffalo, let me know, it is justified regardless of the speculation just when its splendidly suited to the undertaking, in science recreations, for instance, or to show understudies with learning incapacities.

Furthermore, obviously, innovation can work just when it is sent as an instrument by an awesome, exceptionally prepared instructor. As far reaching exploration shows, only one year with a skilled instructor in center school makes it far more improbable that an understudy will get pregnant in secondary school, and substantially more likely that she will head off to college, procure a better than average compensation, live in a decent neighborhood and put something aside for retirement. To the degree that such an instructor can advantage from classroom innovation, he or she ought to get it. In any case just when such educators are adequately prepared to apply a particular application to showing a specific theme to a specific arrangement of understudies — at exactly that point does classroom innovation truly work.

That being said, regardless we have no confirmation that the recently gained, tech-driven abilities that understudies learn in the classroom exchange to novel issues that they have to fathom in different zones. While we're enduring to discover, general society cash spent on wiring up classrooms ought to be coordinated via preparing and mentor-ship programs for educators, with the goal that a free and open Internet, arrived at through continually advancing, wonderfully bundled and convincing electronic instruments, helps — not hampers — the advancement of youngsters who need.

Tech For Kids.

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Apple has appeared in  a redesigned form of their MacBook. Accessible in gold, silver, and dark, the new 12-inch MacBook is raising eyebrows on account of its stripped-down port determination and ultra-slender design. In any case how does this new MacBook measure up to Microsoft's Surface Pro 3? Microsoft is attempting to position the Surface Pro 3 as an adaptable different option for Apple's laptops, however Apple's freshest laptop does pack some remarkable gimmicks that the Surface Pro 3 simply can't reproduce.  Read all to find out how these two productivity tools compare, and get advice about which device is best for your needs.

1. New 12-Inch MacBook vs. Surface Pro 3: Specs

The new MacBook has a 12-inch screen measures 2.03 pounds, and is only 13.1mm thick. The base configuration of the Apple MacBook is an Intel Core M (1.1GHz) processor with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of flash storage with a 2304 x 1440 resolution and to some degree dubious move, the new MacBook's essential port is another USB‑C port. This port is utilized for charging, and for quick data exchange. It can likewise be utilized for feature yield. The laptop runs on a fifth-gen Intel Core M processor, and accompanies OS X Yosemite installed. The Macbook is fan-less, so it works in complete quiet.

The Surface Pro 3 is accessible with a mixed bag of processors, including an Intel Core i3, i5, or i7. Hard drive space begins at a simple 64GB, and runs up to 512GB. The 512GB variant times in at 1.76 pounds, yet that number does exclude the included weight of the keyboard cover. With everything, the entire thing weighs just shy of 2.5 pounds. The Surface additionally has a 12-inch screen of resolution 2160 x 1440, which is comparable to the new MacBook. Included ports are USB 3.0, microSD card reader, Mini Display Port, Cover port. It runs Windows 8.1

2. New 12-Inch MacBook vs. Surface Pro 3: Special Features

Color options and completely redesigned keyboard mechanism are new features of Macbook. The trackpad has also been redesigned with Apple’s Taptic Engine and smart enough to know the difference between a tap and a long press (which Apple calls a “Force click”).

The Surface Pro 3 has two main features that give it an edge over the new MacBook. For one thing, it has a touch display, something no Mac has ever offered. You also have the flexibility to use the Surface Pro 3 in tablet or laptop configuration. The Surface Pen is also a handy tool for productivity.

3. New 12-Inch MacBook vs. Surface Pro 3: Price

From April 10, what specs you pick, you'll pay in the middle of $1,299 and $1,599 for this sparkling new Mac Book. The Surface Pro 3 likewise has a premium price tag, however you have the benefit of somewhat lower prices since the device has been out since last year. On Amazon at this moment, we're seeing the Surface Pro 3 at costs that range from $743.95 to $1,718, contingent upon the specs you pick. The 512GB Surface Pro 3 with an Intel Core i7 will set you back $1,718, with a 512GB.

4. New 12-Inch MacBook vs. Surface Pro 3: Battery Life

Both of these device claims about nine hours on a single charge. Apple was able to use some of the area where the fan housing used to go to add additional battery space. The Surface Pro 3’s battery estimated is based on web browsing over Wi-Fi.

5. New 12-Inch MacBook vs. Surface Pro 3: Final Thoughts

Ultimately, check for what size hard disk you want and OS. For people who have an iPhone, OS X Yosemite offers a lot of cross-platform productivity and sync tools and can be a natural choice for iPhone or iPad owners.

However you can probably save yourself several hundred dollars by going with the cheapest Surface Pro 3 option if you dont need a lot of on-board storage. Surface Pro 3 suits best for people who use Windows on their primary work or home computer, or for those who can’t decide between a tablet and a laptop.

New MacBook vs. Surface Pro 3

By Shristi Baral →
University doesn't discriminate between male and female applicant during admission process. It doesn't matter the industry, the mind it is hiring has male body or female. When we are 17 who can stop us from getting what we want and when it is academics, we have that courage to get what we want. Then, how is there large gender parity in industry? Is there any hidden unseen factor that is discouraging females to join CS major in college or applying for job in industries?

I am a junior year student and when I was planing to apply B Sc. CS, my parents had asked all possible neighbors and relatives who had studied engineering or CS that girls study CS or not? Weird but true.

I am a sixth batch student of my university and my batch has the highest number of female students in the class ie. 9/60!! Some batch didn't had females at all. Previously I thought it as a problem of my country only but later I actually came to realize that it is actually a world wide problem. So, there are many argument for why so and why not so. But in my view its useless to blame academics or industry or society for this parity.

When I think I need to do or I need it, no one can stop me. I am in tech, doing good till now and hopefully the best in future.  But why no everyone else in the field? Is is that girls who go to tech are not actually interested to do it.

May be I haven't seen the world and I haven't been to industries yet, May be for those reasons I may take it lightly.  But with life experience what I have learned is if I don't underestimate myself, people will  respect me. They have to.

Also, rest the capability and aptitudes matters!

But on the same time, in today's reality, those perspectives of seeing tech occupations as mens work are authoritatively over. Technology professions are fascinating, ladies are incredible at it, and they get to work close by exceptional men and ladies. Being innovation ignorant simply doesn't cut it any longer. It can't when such a large number of more employment capacities oblige such a great deal more specialized ability.

That is my point. It's not simply that we need to support more ladies into innovation related employments; its that we have to demonstrate all ladies as Intel's CIO Kim Stevenson said, "the effect a specialized foundation can have on a lady's vocation, and the monetary potential that goes hand in hand with it." Stevenson, concurring with Bates includes, "Frequently ladies don't comprehend what alternatives are accessible in tech fields – and that stops them."

Since in this present reality where technology progressively saturates all that we do, in almost every calling – there is nothing more essential than having both men and ladies seek after technology professions to guarantee our intensity.

However we must strive to guarantee that both genders are thoroughly seeking after technology professions. A point initially penetrated home by Bill Gates amid a discourse – in of all spots, Saudi Arabia, " Any nation where a large portion of their populace is not permitted to achieve their maximum capacity is not going to be focused."

In the last investigation, we all must be considered responsible. In the event that we neglect to act, then we all experience the ill effects of the underutilization of ability.

Women In Technology

By Shristi Baral →

Experts always discuss the  Apple could buy to influence new innovation in the iPhone, however Samsung is likewise tossing around money to pick up an edge in the Galaxy S6 versus iPhone 6 correlation that customers will make in the nearing months.

On March 1st we expect to see Samsung announce the Galaxy S6 at a special event in Barcelona, Spain during the start of Mobile World Congress 2015. This announcement will come hours after HTC announces a new device, and months after the iPhone 6 release.

Here we have explained some 15 points Samsung has been trying its best to keep its next flagship under wraps.

1>Display Size
Apple launched two of its pieces with display of size 5.5-inch in iPhone 6 Plus and 4.7 inch in iPhone6. What is expected form Samsung is, it will put the display right between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in size, which means many shoppers will need to pick which smartphone fits their needs best and yeah, preference to Samsung 6S will is likely to grow. Samsung will also pack in a higher resolution screen with more pixels per inch.
Similarly, the 5.5 inch display of LG Flex 2 will also keep S6 at median.

Galaxy S6 Dimensions (Rumored) -143.30 x 70.81 x 6.91 mm
iPhone 6 Plus Dimensions � 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm

2>Display Technology
Samsung Galaxy S6 will be subjected by super AMOLED display technology compared little less advance than Retina HD in iPhone but something more than LG Flex 2.
Comparing pixel density, Samsung Galaxy S6 will knot ahead with 534 PPI compared to 326 PPI of iPhone6 and 403 PPI of LG Flex 2.

3>Rear Camera
Oh yeah, when it comes to comes camera Apple is unbeatable;you might think, but no more. iPhone 6 has the huge 8 mega-pixel camera at rear and 1.2 at front. S6 is supposed to have 2X+ than iPhone, rumored to be 20 MP at rear and 5 MP front. Your S6 camera can be your ultimate photography dream too.

4> CPU
Apple is with A8 processor in its latest model, Samsung's S6 coming up with Cortex-A57, defiantly more powerful than S5.

5>Processing cores
Your iPhone might be super fast with its dual core processing but its going to be fast than  ever you experienced, now with Quad Core processor in S6.

6> Battery Capacity
 Battery capacity is something no one exactly know about. LG Flex 2 has 3000 MAH and iPhone 6 has 1810 MAH. Wit rise in competition in every expect, we can definitely expect something more than S5 and rival iPhone6.

7> RAM
You will be provided with 3,072 MB of RAM in S6 which is 2,048 MB higher than iPhone and 1,024 MB higher than LG Flex 2. Definitely a feature than can attract lots of customers.

8> Removable Storages
iPhone doesn't support SD cards but S6 will. Similar to LG Flex 2 and its previous version S5, it is expected to support micro-SD cards and we expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S6 with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options.

Except every sensors iPhone 6 has, S6 will have additional Heart Rate Monitor.

10> Fingerprint Sensor
Touch ID,in iPhone is the best form of fingerprint technology on a smartphone today. Samsung will use a similar technology that will let a user place a finger on the Galaxy S6 home button to unlock the phone and for other fingerprint reader based activities. This type of technology is easier to use and much more reliable. 

The iPhone 6 Plus debuted with iOS 8 on board and will likely run iOS 8.2 by the time the Galaxy S6 hits store shelves. The Galaxy S6 will run Android 5.0 Lollipop, the latest version of Android from Google. This may be Android 5.0.1 or Android 5.0.2, bit either way you can count on Samsung�s TouchWiz overlay on board to change the look and some of the features.

The iPhone 6 Plus is available on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular in the U.S. the Galaxy S6 release bring the new phone to the same five carriers to start, and then likely to others as the release progresses.

Smaller carriers will likely wait a while after the Galaxy S6 release date, but count on many to offer a version of the Galaxy S6 at some point in 2015.

13> Apple Pay vs LoopPay
The iPhone 6 Plus supports Apple Pay, a method of making payments in stores and in apps using the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 that runs with NFC technology.

Samsung just announced that the company is acquiring LoopPay, an Apple Pay rival that uses a different type of technology. We expect to see LoopPay built-in to the Galaxy S6, which could help Samsung compete with Apple Pay. 

There is noting do with network support as since everyone in the business support 4G(LTE), 4G(HSPA+), 3G(HSDPA/CDMA) and Edge/2G(GSM/GPRS).

In Euros, the S6 is reported to cost 749 for 32 GB, 849 for 64 GB and 949 for 128 GB.

We will need to lie low how the Samsung Galaxy S6 stacks up against the G Flex 2 regarding benchmarks. At the same time if Samsung is to be trusted its processor will outflank the Snapdragon 810. 

Something else to consider is the business time the G Flex 2 has had over the Galaxy S6 in many terms. Samsung has been attempting its best to hold its next leader under wraps regardless of various breaks, however LG has possessed the capacity to completely market its gadget for some time. 

Regardless of this present, its to a great extent expected the Galaxy S arrangement will remain the lord of Android phones. While the G Flex 2 may detract a couple of offers from Samsung, its far-fetched it will be the Galaxy killer" just like it won't be the "iPhone killer."

15 points Samsung has been trying its best to keep its next flagship under wraps with S6

By Shristi Baral →

How smart do you want your smartphone to be?In designing Cortana, the voice-activated “virtual assistant” built into its mobile software, Microsoft is betting that most people are not yet ready to hand too much control of their lives to an artificial brain.


A soft-voiced presence with a slightly sassy attitude drawn from a video game character, Cortana is quite capable of reading your email to see if you have a flight coming up, then using the information to tell you when it is time to leave for the airport.

Artificial intelligence: Digital designs for life

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Apple is now making a car! But why? This news has buzzed the Tech world and this time even mechanical world. Is Apple planing to battle with Google which has already developed an intelligent car? Or Is its next mission to create a less combustion car to reduce climate change? Is apple trying to set a new record in the field of automobile as it has on  phones. Is apple done with changing shape size and material of phone with some minor changes in software? Whatever the reason is, Apple is planning a car and it is for true!!

Again the question arise here. How will the car look like? It  is going to be  made by Apple so the expectation about the car is on the 7th sky. People are expecting it to be sexy and intelligent. Simply beauty with brain. Energy efficient and Eco-friendly, since the world today is suffering from climate change.

The Apple gossip factory has as of late conceived a monster new bit of hypothesis: That Apple is wanting to clash with Tesla by going in the electric auto market.

Case A will be a Wall Street Journal piece that refers to "individuals acquainted with the matter" who claim that a task with the code name of "Titan" is in progress, with a thousand-individuals group under Apple Vice President Steve Zadesky, a previous Ford engineer who was on the groups that made the iPod and iPhone, and Johann Jungwirth, who was Mercedes Benz's R&D boss before being contracted by Apple the previous fall.

Case B is some more circuitous, however it could regardless be telling: Apple and Tesla are at present occupied with an ability war, poaching one another's workers by utilizing quarter-of-a-million-dollar marking rewards and enormous pay rates. Obviously, Apple could utilize Tesla representatives for tasks that have nothing to do with electric autos (numerous have ability in batteries, programming, and a wide range of building and assembling), however for some that eventual under-using their actual mastery...

Case C originates from Steve Jobs himself: "In a gathering in his office before he passed on, Steven P. Employments, Apple's fellow benefactor and previous CEO, told John Markoff of The New York Times that on the off chance that he had more vitality, he would have gotten a kick out of the chance to tackle Detroit with an Apple auto.

Here's the way I'd be pondering the scene in the case that I were the CEO of a money rich and profoundly productive innovation organization with few items and some enthusiasm for the auto business. At this moment, the car world is being unsettled by three patterns that right now have not met: Electric autos, Self-sufficient vehicles  and Cell phone hailing.

Anyhow these patterns really ought to cooperate flawlessly over the long haul. Instead of owning autos, individuals will get around town in electric fueled independent vehicles that they hail from their cell phones. An organization with a boatload of cash, designing, programming, and configuration skill could endorse a shoot-the-moon task to make the eventual fate of every day transportation.

Electric autos: Current EV innovation has an exhibited ability to convey a phenomenal driving background. Anyway batteries fit for long-range driving (like the ones Tesla uses) are amazingly costly, and even with one long street outings stay irritating and awkward. Anyhow the larger part of auto treks are short — to work or the supermarket or the kids' school. In the event that you procured an alternate auto for each one trek, EVs with moderately little batteries could suffice for the lion's share of travel.

Cell phone hailing: Mobile auto enlisting applications ("ridesharing") have been a huge accomplishment at tackling one major issue with the conventional taxi industry — it is a considerably more helpful approach to interface drivers with riders. They've likewise enhanced installment frameworks. Also by bringing extra rivalry into the frequently cartelized taxi industry, they've brought down costs. Purchase paying another person to drive you is still extremely extravagant contrasted with driving yourself. Uber and Lyft have an awesome foothold in the unobtrusive estimated taxi market, however are still negligible details of the general driving around business sector.

There is additionally probably with its capacity to bring outline and creative figuring to an industry utilizing innovation that fundamentally slacks that found in an iPhone. Apple and Google have both made moves to make in-vehicle media interfaces in view of their frameworks. Apple's CarPlay will begin to show up in autos not long from now. Clients who can hardly wait can purchase reseller's exchange gadgets from Pioneer.

Apple's inspiration to construct an electric auto may be determined by rivalry with Google, Tesla and others. It might be additionally discovering another business that duplicates its esteem to $1.3 trillion as anticipated via Carl Icahn. Then again anyway, it might be really keen on building an innovation that makes driving more reasonable and less subject to oil. Apple is situated to put $3 billion in new sun based homesteads in California and Arizona to give vitality to its operations there. Apple CEO Tim Cook as of late told financial specialists:

"We realize that environmental change is genuine," Cook said on Tuesday. "Our perspective is that the time for talk has passed, and the time for activity is presently. We've demonstrated that with what we've done."

Whether Apple's electric autos are gone for battling environmental change will rely on upon how they are produced and how the reviving base, which is still to a great extent to be inherent the US and all around, is run. Apple tossing its weight behind this foundation being assembled at all would surely help making electric autos a more well known plausibility.

Apple Turning into Car Manufacturer!!!

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A tool called Memex, developed by the U.S. military’s research and development arm, is a search engine on steroids. Photo: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency


In the run-up to Super Bowl XLIX, a team of social workers in Glendale, Ariz. spent two weeks combing through local classified ads sites. They were looking for listings posted by sex traffickers.

Criminal networks that exploit women often advertise on local sites around events that draw large numbers of transient visitors. “It’s like a flood,” said Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, who headed the Glendale effort.

Dr. Roe-Sepowitz is director of the Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research at Arizona State University. She has worked for five years with authorities in Houston, Las Vegas and Phoenix to find and hunt down traffickers.

In the past, she painstakingly copied and pasted suspicious URLs into a document and looked for patterns that suggested a trafficking ring. This year, she analyzed criminal networks using visual displays from a powerful data-mining tool, one whose capabilities hint at the future of investigations into online criminal networks.

The program, a tool called Memex developed by the U.S. military’s research and development arm, is a search engine on steroids. Rather than endless pages of Web links, it returns sophisticated infographics that represent the relationships between Web pages, including many that a Google search would miss.


Sleuthing Search Engine: Even Better Than Google?

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