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Why is it different?

The latest smart phone has been launched in Delhi by Micro max and is called the Micro Max Canvas Nitro smart phone. According to the CEO, Vineet Taneja, this phone encounters the evolved needs of people in this advanced world. This phone serves as an amalgamation of the productive and advanced technology that is required by users of today. It is different from other phones as it has been coated with an oleophobic screen which protects the screen from any smudges and damage. The phone comes with removable backs and the one in blue has a leathery texture which is absolutely gorgeous!

Micro Max Canvas Nitro

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If you have a Facebook business page, you are likely trying to establish your brand popularity on Facebook. Remember that your Facebook page can be a useful tool to reach your audience and expand your business. But, there are some things that you need to avoid posting on your page. When you post these things, it will be guaranteed for you to lose your followers and damage your business reputation. Here are 7 things that you must never post on your business Facebook page:

1. Your Personal Activity

So, you own a business and you are a proud CEO of it. You also manage your Facebook business page by yourself. Now, you keep on posting about your personal activity on your business page. While you might already established personal connection with your followers, it doesn't mean that they want to see your daily activities on your business Facebook page. Try to separate your business and personal life. This is the first lesson that you have to understand in order to succeed on Facebook.

2. Begging For Like

So, you are posting an image and you want people to like your post. You beg them to like your post by writing words like "Please like this post!" and other similar begging call to action. This is not going to work to impress your audience. The best likes that you can get on Facebook is the likes that come naturally to your post, without you begging for it. Begging is not the right solution to bring more likes to your post.

3. Being A Political Or Religious Agent

Let your political and religious views be separated from your business life. Consider it a personal matter. But, even if it is a personal matter, you shouldn't share your political and religious views on Facebook, because those areas are prone to create arguments, trolling, hatred, anger, and controversial discussion. You don't want to turn your business Facebook page into religious or political forums.

4. Useless And Irrelevant Posts

If you think that your post is not going to benefit your audience, you should never post it. If you think that your post is irrelevant with your business, you should never post it. Remember that useless and irrelevant posts are called spam posts, and this is the type of post that will get ignored very quickly by your audience. It can also make you to lose your followers quickly.

5. Bad Words And Rants

If you really want to establish good business relationship with your audience, you should avoid posting bad words and rants about anything. If you don't like your competitors, you don't want to post your complaint on your wall. If you don't like your employees, you don't need to post their pictures and write some rants about them.

6. Your Business Strategy

You don't want people to know your exact business strategy. Yes, you may share your fundamental or basic business principles to your audience. But, you can't share your exact business strategy with them. You don't want to create more competition for your business. If you already have a successful business, posting a business strategy means spilling your secret for free to the public, whereas you should at least charge top dollar for it.

7. Your Hobbies

Again, your business Facebook page is not the place for you to share your hobbies. Remember that while people might have the same hobbies as you, it doesn't mean that they will enjoy seeing your update about it on your Facebook page. They might enjoy seeing your update on your personal Facebook account, but not on your business page. So, separate your hobbies from your business, whether it is related with your business or not.

Those are the things that you should never post on your Facebook business page. Try to post one of those things, and you'll see that people will start to lose respect for your business.

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7 Things That You Must Never Post On Your Business Facebook Page

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The flagship smartphone market is close to get a facelift once more. With Samsung, Apple, HTC, Sony all prepared with their latest offerings, you've got an option create. Here's some assistance.

Phone battle

Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 vs One (M8) vs Xperia Z3: Specs Battle!

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After being leaked for a number of times, iPhone 6 finally came out a few days ago. Apple has gained positive responses from major part of the world. However, some have reported that the wait for the new iPhone 6 was not worth it. But Apple backs that the new upgrade in its iPhone is worth a wait. There are significant numbers of features in the device that makes you desirous to own it. Let’s take a look towards them.

iphone 6 gold

Was iPhone 6 Worth a Wait?

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I have to say that I’m very glad that I picked up a view to this month’s Best Phone games to have in September. Several of great games that came out to the gaming market which I believed to be one of the best launch lineups. According to some speculations that this month will be one of the best month for gaming companies to release titles because of the market explosion of consumer demands. Sony is slowly picking up its momentum with its big blockbuster releases but what do you say we get started with my top Android or iPhone personal favorites.

Game Review

Best Phone games to have in September both Android and iPhone

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With the entire world trying to achieve the “thinnest” or the “biggest” in something or the other, Dell has announced how its latest tablet is definitely the thinnest tablet in the world. This tablet is only 6.1 mm wide and has the ability to take over every other tablet in the industry. 



The tablet is made from aluminum and has a Quad core processor of Intel inside. If you are wondering about the display, this tablet has a gorgeous display of OLED and the screen size is up to 8.4 inches. The latest and different thing in this tab in comparison to others is how it has incorporated the sharp and edgy AQUOS crystal and made bezels at the bottom of the screen instead of them being in the side of anterior region. 

Dell announces world’s thinnest tablet!

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Apple Pay is eventually here. With months of rumors, Apple confirmed now that the iPhone will have near-field communication (NFC) practicality. Now, you and your customers can pay for in-store purchases employing an iPhone, therefore eliminating the requirement to hold around money and credit cards.

NFC wallet

Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet: Which Is Better for Mobile Payments?

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Since the origin of iPhone, once guided by the innovative Steve Jobs, the top management of Apple has argued against Andriod. Though it took three years for Apple to enlarge its screen size but this time it has done with a greater élan.

Find the inescapable 10 reasons you need to buy the new iPhone right away:

Why Should you Buy the New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Right Away

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The whole year we have been watching game trailers, we have played games and plan to beat every 7 most interesting new games at Gamescom 2014. Single nights yet endless discussions about which games are cool and after much consideration we have decided the games to come in 2014.


 Gamescom 2014


7 most interesting new games at Gamescom 2014

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Zuckerberg has been carrying out in terms of Facebook monetization and crushing the consensus from Wall Street every quarter. The Angie’s List has been making revenue but fighting to keep up with development expectations. For Angie, Mark’s saying last quarter is to pay more attention.

Angie's List Is Dying For the Same Reason Facebook Is Winning

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