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Web is that virtual world where we now spend most of our time. Opportunities are available there and at the same time the terrifying consequences. It is the best place if one use it well and worst as well is just a click away. Make sure before you click!
Hacking, word itself explains it. Anything and Everything found on internet or web can be hacked if one is skillful. Many sites spend lot of money and manpower in order to manage their security system. Especially banks and other sites which does a lot of transaction related to money are the target of hackers.  

Like Fishing it is a trap made my script kidders or hackers in order to get access of the victim's account. In most of the phishing related cases a fake login page is created are the victim is made to login through the trap page. This stores the access Id of the victim. then using this access id the hacker gets into the real/original system. Hence never make login through the unidentified or the suspicious source. It always safer to login TYPING THE COMPLETE URL BY YOURSELF.

Identity Theft: 
Since the web is infinitely large and people can be generated or created here, there are number of cases of identity theft. Someone can use your photos, name and other basic information of yours and create some nasty profile and use it for some criminal purpose. 
If you find fake account or cases of identity theft please report and make sure your profile doesn't share any important information publicly. 

Cyber Stalking:
Like stalking someone on road and home and everywhere, it is even possible on web. There are some such scripts which once inserted in the victim's computer, can be stalked everything s/he does, sites s/he visits and emails s/he read.
To prevent yourself from being stalked publicly keep your computer safe by have up-to-date security and anti-virus software.   

Account takeover:
Account takeover is the case when someone unauthorized use your identity and account access to get into your account without your permission. The thief may get you access via any source like diaries or notes or phishing.
These cases can be prevented by not sharing any information regarding your account access via any means. And if you find any such takeover, the police and law are always there.  

Charity donation fraud:
There are many heart bleeding causes and people raise charity funds for the sake of the cause. But not every cause are real. Raising charity donation is common fraud. Fake identity, fake cause and fake promises regarding the cause comprise the fraud. The donation is accepted and not used for the planned and intended purpose. 

Be sure and investigate before you donate if they are real or fake. And complain the case of fraud. 

Click fraud: 
Pay per click or pay to click is those sites or companies who promise to pay a large amount of sum on clicking the links listed by them.
Don’t get lured by the large sum coming towards you so easily. It is never that easy to earn money. 
Domain name scams:
"Register your domain in cheapest rate". This type of fake agents scams people promising to register the domain in very attractively cheep rate. But this does not mean all the cheep domain registering agents and company are fraud.
Verify the agent or company’s genuineness before you pay them. 

Credit card fraud: 
This category includes the cases in which you are overcharged or unauthorized credit charged for the legitimately purchased service.
Make sure to check your monthly statement and if you think you are overcharged or unauthorized charge don’t forget to complain the bank or the card provider.  

Work from home scams: 
Many people for many reasons cannot manage to go out and work and seek for works they can do from home. The exciting site and real looking videos included in the site attracts everyone. BUT be aware they can be frauds who make you purchase some tutorials before you can start working and never provide work or never pay you after work. 

These are only few of the cyber fraud. These are many other traps waiting everywhere on web. Surf Safe and Stay Safe.


Internet Fraud

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With Microsoft releasing the new Windows 10 on the marketplace, it is important to fully understand just what it is, how it works and get the proper perspective on whether it is the right product for your needs.

Unfortunately, one of the issues with reviewing any product is that it only offers a singular point of view. Even if the review itself is handled by several people, when it comes from one e-magazine for example it is the culmination of the author’s point of view about the product itself.

That is why having multiple points of view is so important when examining the positive and negative aspects of any new device or program. In the case of Windows 10, much of the appeal will be based on the Windows program in general. This means that more than one viewpoint is needed in order to offer the best possible view of Windows 10 itself.

Windows 10 Top Five Review You Should Read

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LynkMii Android App Review

Overview features

LynkMii is an amazing app that caters specifically to those users seeking Businesses, Products, Jobs and events based on their geographic location. Websites and Businesses are able to place products and services, but also advertise their special offers and jobs. This app was released on three mobile markets so far: Google Play, App Store and BlackBerry World.

LynkMii Android App Review

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Cubefield is known to be an exceptionally basic and addictive amusement. It has basic controls where the clients need to utilize the left and right shaft keys to evade the solid shapes that come in their direction. It has a tendency to get troublesome as the diversion advances and one needs to have a solid vicinity of brain alongside immense measure of understanding to proceed with the amusement for extended periods. There different individuals who have officially made new high scores and top the pioneer board. Gamers who are new to it can utilize the Cubefield tricks to make the diversion simpler and make this fun addictive amusement much less demanding. It assists in beating the opposition without any difficulty and makes new high scores consistently. 

Subjects of the amusement and the hacking apparatus 

There are four Themes in this game: 
  • Ash floor: Consists of yellow and red squares 
  • Dark floor: Consists of network y pieces and framework star sky 
  • White floor: Consists of dark timekeepers and white sky 
  • White floor: Consists of pink pieces and irregular stuff in the sky 
cubefield cheats

The best part about the trick codes gave in the connection is that they work fine with all the subjects. The client can without much of a stretch utilize these tricks at any level and in any topic to beat their companions or different gamers. 

Trick codes to experience the squares 

When you hack the diversion utilizing Cubefield cheats it will get to be less demanding to evade the dividers scoring more while never loosing the amusement. The greatest concern is the pace at which the light black shaft is going as the gamer does not have any control over the rate. A percentage of the tricks are: 

On the off chance that you achieve a wavy way then you ought to search for a hole that aides in getting safe house. The gamer can undoubtedly utilize this crevice to fit within and drive around any of the squares without getting hit. 

Not very many gamers realize that hitting the space bar just before the yellow box would help in beginning the diversion once more. Likewise utilizing this Cubefield trick helps as a part of restarting the diversion again and the score continues as before. 

On the off chance that you have the capacity hit the right enter without colliding with any container then this could be a simple approach to keep winning without getting hit. This code is a bit troublesome one and would be troublesome for the novice gamers. While passing through any of the passage level simply hit the right catch and you would have the capacity to spare yourself. 

Hitting the space ban consistently from the very begin of the diversion would give a wide range to keep yourself ensured and you can around over the squares. This methodology gives additional insurance as well as aides in picking up additional focuses. 

There is a level when one achieves the precious stones part then you can move your pointer towards the right of the screen and keep the right shaft pressed. This would effortlessly maintain a strategic distance from the blocks and help you pass through the levels without getting hit. 

These were a portion of the Cubefield tricks that can help the gamers in getting additional focuses. As the more current levels advance one would meet fresher difficulties and you get all the fascinating tricks through the connection gave underneath.

Cubefield 101 - AIO Cheat Sheet for the Fanatic Gamers.

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Being able to connect over 1.3 billion users in its network every month, Facebook is able to leverage its massive scale for good. It’s put those abilities to use in the past to recommend users to vote or register for being an organ donor, but today the company declared something applicable to an even broader audience: Safety Check, a new useful feature that lets you share your family and friends that you’re safe just at the time of a natural disaster or other crisis.

facebook new feature

At these critical times, people to open the service of facebook to check on loved ones and receive updates, Facebook gives detail in an announcement of the new feature out this morning. It shares that in these moments communication is most critical both for people in the affected areas and for their friends and families anxious for news. According to facebook, it wants to provide a helpful tool that people can use when major disasters strike hence they created Safety Check – a simple and easy way to say you’re safe and check on others.

“Safety Check” Feature of Facebook Signals your Acquaintances that you have escaped a Major Disaster

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There are many people who would simply compare the life before and now. Many favored living life many years ago, particularly those old ones, because of the reason that the world of today offers complexity that are sometimes too hard to adapt with. They would prefer life without the invasion of technology. However, for the younger ones, living in this modernized world is better for it offers them all the needed things to fulfill what they have to do in easier and faster ways. But individual preferences about way of living must always be respected.


Windows 10

Due to the advancement of technology that almost conquers the world of today, many changes are happening. These changes contribute to the improvement and development of the society. It offers numerous numbers of advantages because of it great uses. As technology continues invading the world, creation of many new gadgets that are useful to the humanity are also in demand. The modern world widely uses computers nowadays as great aid in fulfilling tasks easier and faster. Computers will always play great role in the fast changing world of today. It will always be utilized by many people as their assistance to simply fulfill the tasks needed to be done easier and faster.

The Latest Microsoft Operating System: Windows 10

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A survey in India showed that around 69% of people in India who are not using internet when asked why they are not using reveal that the reason is no understanding the usefulness of Internet to them. Mark Zuckerberg explained in New Delhi at the summit of A content is being launched to build apps so that all the Indian farmers, migrant workers, women and students understand the usefulness of internet. In the contest they have to offer localized content. This challenge grants $250,000 to the winner who can make any best app, website or a service that makes the internet applicable to each of the four populations above.

Mark in india_Content App

A Contest that aware people of India regarding usefulness of Internet !

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Geek Sublime: The Beauty of Code is an illuminating and very interesting take on technology in general. Coupling the wonder of technology and art into one, Geek Sublime takes the reader on an inspiring journey that showcases the idea art and technology are not only very different after all, but instead, that they actually depend on one another and are able to utilize one another in illustrious and amazing ways. When most people think of art, they do not often think of technology within the same thought pattern. The great aspect about Geek Sublime is that the author, Vikram Chandra, finds these perfect connections that occur within technology and art and brings them together.

In addition, this story is not only an opinion-based worldview into the ideas of both technology and art, it is actually a historical model that looks at actual facts and real-world notations into why and how art and technology are able to work in harmony together. There is a true overlap when it comes to technology and art and that is what this book tries to decipher in a clear, concise, and very entertaining fashion.

Written by the same author as "Sacred Games", Geek Sublime takes the reader on an enlightening journey that is not often discussed or seen in any other writings. The idea of art and technology as one is as unique as it sounds, and the reality is that it is also very true and close to what we can all understand as knowing the secret to why things occur in the way that they do. Art and technology are both creative mediums, but in different ways, which need each other in order to flourish. This book describes just how true this statement actually is. An easy and fun read, this book couples intelligent writing with emotional feelings and is definitely a great pleasure to partake in.

Geek Sublime: The Beauty of Code, the Code of Beauty

Geek Sublime :The Beauty of Code Book Review

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Linux shutterstock_172736150


Greetings! This is a review about Linux games with a quick to the roundup of games that either impressed or intrigue us the most. Bear in mind that these are games that actually created a whole new presence on the linux floor alone and at least strive to do something new. These are the 15 titles that I find the coolest and linux games you should not miss out!

15 Linux games you should not miss out

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The trade industry today becomes more and more complex. There are a lot of new things that are discovered and many peculiar problems also arise. So, because of these changes and problems, many e-commerce businesses undergo amendments. PayPal, one of the most renowned international e-commerce businesses that allow payments and money transfer via the internet, also has done the same thing. They have undergone several processes that amended their policies to suit the present needs and demands of their clients.


Paypal changing it Policy

The company’s aim is to provide clients with the trust and security they are looking for. PayPal can deliver you all of these things at once. This company aims to keep your financial information private and keep you updated about the policy changes, so we see to it that each year, you are provided with a copy of our data collection, use and protection policies. In this article, you will also find out the Annual Error Resolution Notice that displays how the report is made when you make unauthorized transactions or other errors with the use of PayPal.

Paypal Policy Explained

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