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University doesn't discriminate between male and female applicant during admission process. It doesn't matter the industry, the mind it is hiring has male body or female. When we are 17 who can stop us from getting what we want and when it is academics, we have that courage to get what we want. Then, how is there large gender parity in industry? Is there any hidden unseen factor that is discouraging females to join CS major in college or applying for job in industries?

I am a junior year student and when I was planing to apply B Sc. CS, my parents had asked all possible neighbors and relatives who had studied engineering or CS that girls study CS or not? Weird but true.

I am a sixth batch student of my university and my batch has the highest number of female students in the class ie. 9/60!! Some batch didn't had females at all. Previously I thought it as a problem of my country only but later I actually came to realize that it is actually a world wide problem. So, there are many argument for why so and why not so. But in my view its useless to blame academics or industry or society for this parity.

When I think I need to do or I need it, no one can stop me. I am in tech, doing good till now and hopefully the best in future.  But why no everyone else in the field? Is is that girls who go to tech are not actually interested to do it.

May be I haven't seen the world and I haven't been to industries yet, May be for those reasons I may take it lightly.  But with life experience what I have learned is if I don't underestimate myself, people will  respect me. They have to.

Also, rest the capability and aptitudes matters!

But on the same time, in today's reality, those perspectives of seeing tech occupations as mens work are authoritatively over. Technology professions are fascinating, ladies are incredible at it, and they get to work close by exceptional men and ladies. Being innovation ignorant simply doesn't cut it any longer. It can't when such a large number of more employment capacities oblige such a great deal more specialized ability.

That is my point. It's not simply that we need to support more ladies into innovation related employments; its that we have to demonstrate all ladies as Intel's CIO Kim Stevenson said, "the effect a specialized foundation can have on a lady's vocation, and the monetary potential that goes hand in hand with it." Stevenson, concurring with Bates includes, "Frequently ladies don't comprehend what alternatives are accessible in tech fields – and that stops them."

Since in this present reality where technology progressively saturates all that we do, in almost every calling – there is nothing more essential than having both men and ladies seek after technology professions to guarantee our intensity.

However we must strive to guarantee that both genders are thoroughly seeking after technology professions. A point initially penetrated home by Bill Gates amid a discourse – in of all spots, Saudi Arabia, " Any nation where a large portion of their populace is not permitted to achieve their maximum capacity is not going to be focused."

In the last investigation, we all must be considered responsible. In the event that we neglect to act, then we all experience the ill effects of the underutilization of ability.

Women In Technology

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Experts always discuss the  Apple could buy to influence new innovation in the iPhone, however Samsung is likewise tossing around money to pick up an edge in the Galaxy S6 versus iPhone 6 correlation that customers will make in the nearing months.

On March 1st we expect to see Samsung announce the Galaxy S6 at a special event in Barcelona, Spain during the start of Mobile World Congress 2015. This announcement will come hours after HTC announces a new device, and months after the iPhone 6 release.

Here we have explained some 15 points Samsung has been trying its best to keep its next flagship under wraps.

1>Display Size
Apple launched two of its pieces with display of size 5.5-inch in iPhone 6 Plus and 4.7 inch in iPhone6. What is expected form Samsung is, it will put the display right between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in size, which means many shoppers will need to pick which smartphone fits their needs best and yeah, preference to Samsung 6S will is likely to grow. Samsung will also pack in a higher resolution screen with more pixels per inch.
Similarly, the 5.5 inch display of LG Flex 2 will also keep S6 at median.

Galaxy S6 Dimensions (Rumored) -143.30 x 70.81 x 6.91 mm
iPhone 6 Plus Dimensions � 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm

2>Display Technology
Samsung Galaxy S6 will be subjected by super AMOLED display technology compared little less advance than Retina HD in iPhone but something more than LG Flex 2.
Comparing pixel density, Samsung Galaxy S6 will knot ahead with 534 PPI compared to 326 PPI of iPhone6 and 403 PPI of LG Flex 2.

3>Rear Camera
Oh yeah, when it comes to comes camera Apple is unbeatable;you might think, but no more. iPhone 6 has the huge 8 mega-pixel camera at rear and 1.2 at front. S6 is supposed to have 2X+ than iPhone, rumored to be 20 MP at rear and 5 MP front. Your S6 camera can be your ultimate photography dream too.

4> CPU
Apple is with A8 processor in its latest model, Samsung's S6 coming up with Cortex-A57, defiantly more powerful than S5.

5>Processing cores
Your iPhone might be super fast with its dual core processing but its going to be fast than  ever you experienced, now with Quad Core processor in S6.

6> Battery Capacity
 Battery capacity is something no one exactly know about. LG Flex 2 has 3000 MAH and iPhone 6 has 1810 MAH. Wit rise in competition in every expect, we can definitely expect something more than S5 and rival iPhone6.

7> RAM
You will be provided with 3,072 MB of RAM in S6 which is 2,048 MB higher than iPhone and 1,024 MB higher than LG Flex 2. Definitely a feature than can attract lots of customers.

8> Removable Storages
iPhone doesn't support SD cards but S6 will. Similar to LG Flex 2 and its previous version S5, it is expected to support micro-SD cards and we expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S6 with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options.

Except every sensors iPhone 6 has, S6 will have additional Heart Rate Monitor.

10> Fingerprint Sensor
Touch ID,in iPhone is the best form of fingerprint technology on a smartphone today. Samsung will use a similar technology that will let a user place a finger on the Galaxy S6 home button to unlock the phone and for other fingerprint reader based activities. This type of technology is easier to use and much more reliable. 

The iPhone 6 Plus debuted with iOS 8 on board and will likely run iOS 8.2 by the time the Galaxy S6 hits store shelves. The Galaxy S6 will run Android 5.0 Lollipop, the latest version of Android from Google. This may be Android 5.0.1 or Android 5.0.2, bit either way you can count on Samsung�s TouchWiz overlay on board to change the look and some of the features.

The iPhone 6 Plus is available on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular in the U.S. the Galaxy S6 release bring the new phone to the same five carriers to start, and then likely to others as the release progresses.

Smaller carriers will likely wait a while after the Galaxy S6 release date, but count on many to offer a version of the Galaxy S6 at some point in 2015.

13> Apple Pay vs LoopPay
The iPhone 6 Plus supports Apple Pay, a method of making payments in stores and in apps using the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 that runs with NFC technology.

Samsung just announced that the company is acquiring LoopPay, an Apple Pay rival that uses a different type of technology. We expect to see LoopPay built-in to the Galaxy S6, which could help Samsung compete with Apple Pay. 

There is noting do with network support as since everyone in the business support 4G(LTE), 4G(HSPA+), 3G(HSDPA/CDMA) and Edge/2G(GSM/GPRS).

In Euros, the S6 is reported to cost 749 for 32 GB, 849 for 64 GB and 949 for 128 GB.

We will need to lie low how the Samsung Galaxy S6 stacks up against the G Flex 2 regarding benchmarks. At the same time if Samsung is to be trusted its processor will outflank the Snapdragon 810. 

Something else to consider is the business time the G Flex 2 has had over the Galaxy S6 in many terms. Samsung has been attempting its best to hold its next leader under wraps regardless of various breaks, however LG has possessed the capacity to completely market its gadget for some time. 

Regardless of this present, its to a great extent expected the Galaxy S arrangement will remain the lord of Android phones. While the G Flex 2 may detract a couple of offers from Samsung, its far-fetched it will be the Galaxy killer" just like it won't be the "iPhone killer."

15 points Samsung has been trying its best to keep its next flagship under wraps with S6

By Shristi Baral →

How smart do you want your smartphone to be?In designing Cortana, the voice-activated “virtual assistant” built into its mobile software, Microsoft is betting that most people are not yet ready to hand too much control of their lives to an artificial brain.


A soft-voiced presence with a slightly sassy attitude drawn from a video game character, Cortana is quite capable of reading your email to see if you have a flight coming up, then using the information to tell you when it is time to leave for the airport.

Artificial intelligence: Digital designs for life

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Apple is now making a car! But why? This news has buzzed the Tech world and this time even mechanical world. Is Apple planing to battle with Google which has already developed an intelligent car? Or Is its next mission to create a less combustion car to reduce climate change? Is apple trying to set a new record in the field of automobile as it has on  phones. Is apple done with changing shape size and material of phone with some minor changes in software? Whatever the reason is, Apple is planning a car and it is for true!!

Again the question arise here. How will the car look like? It  is going to be  made by Apple so the expectation about the car is on the 7th sky. People are expecting it to be sexy and intelligent. Simply beauty with brain. Energy efficient and Eco-friendly, since the world today is suffering from climate change.

The Apple gossip factory has as of late conceived a monster new bit of hypothesis: That Apple is wanting to clash with Tesla by going in the electric auto market.

Case A will be a Wall Street Journal piece that refers to "individuals acquainted with the matter" who claim that a task with the code name of "Titan" is in progress, with a thousand-individuals group under Apple Vice President Steve Zadesky, a previous Ford engineer who was on the groups that made the iPod and iPhone, and Johann Jungwirth, who was Mercedes Benz's R&D boss before being contracted by Apple the previous fall.

Case B is some more circuitous, however it could regardless be telling: Apple and Tesla are at present occupied with an ability war, poaching one another's workers by utilizing quarter-of-a-million-dollar marking rewards and enormous pay rates. Obviously, Apple could utilize Tesla representatives for tasks that have nothing to do with electric autos (numerous have ability in batteries, programming, and a wide range of building and assembling), however for some that eventual under-using their actual mastery...

Case C originates from Steve Jobs himself: "In a gathering in his office before he passed on, Steven P. Employments, Apple's fellow benefactor and previous CEO, told John Markoff of The New York Times that on the off chance that he had more vitality, he would have gotten a kick out of the chance to tackle Detroit with an Apple auto.

Here's the way I'd be pondering the scene in the case that I were the CEO of a money rich and profoundly productive innovation organization with few items and some enthusiasm for the auto business. At this moment, the car world is being unsettled by three patterns that right now have not met: Electric autos, Self-sufficient vehicles  and Cell phone hailing.

Anyhow these patterns really ought to cooperate flawlessly over the long haul. Instead of owning autos, individuals will get around town in electric fueled independent vehicles that they hail from their cell phones. An organization with a boatload of cash, designing, programming, and configuration skill could endorse a shoot-the-moon task to make the eventual fate of every day transportation.

Electric autos: Current EV innovation has an exhibited ability to convey a phenomenal driving background. Anyway batteries fit for long-range driving (like the ones Tesla uses) are amazingly costly, and even with one long street outings stay irritating and awkward. Anyhow the larger part of auto treks are short — to work or the supermarket or the kids' school. In the event that you procured an alternate auto for each one trek, EVs with moderately little batteries could suffice for the lion's share of travel.

Cell phone hailing: Mobile auto enlisting applications ("ridesharing") have been a huge accomplishment at tackling one major issue with the conventional taxi industry — it is a considerably more helpful approach to interface drivers with riders. They've likewise enhanced installment frameworks. Also by bringing extra rivalry into the frequently cartelized taxi industry, they've brought down costs. Purchase paying another person to drive you is still extremely extravagant contrasted with driving yourself. Uber and Lyft have an awesome foothold in the unobtrusive estimated taxi market, however are still negligible details of the general driving around business sector.

There is additionally probably with its capacity to bring outline and creative figuring to an industry utilizing innovation that fundamentally slacks that found in an iPhone. Apple and Google have both made moves to make in-vehicle media interfaces in view of their frameworks. Apple's CarPlay will begin to show up in autos not long from now. Clients who can hardly wait can purchase reseller's exchange gadgets from Pioneer.

Apple's inspiration to construct an electric auto may be determined by rivalry with Google, Tesla and others. It might be additionally discovering another business that duplicates its esteem to $1.3 trillion as anticipated via Carl Icahn. Then again anyway, it might be really keen on building an innovation that makes driving more reasonable and less subject to oil. Apple is situated to put $3 billion in new sun based homesteads in California and Arizona to give vitality to its operations there. Apple CEO Tim Cook as of late told financial specialists:

"We realize that environmental change is genuine," Cook said on Tuesday. "Our perspective is that the time for talk has passed, and the time for activity is presently. We've demonstrated that with what we've done."

Whether Apple's electric autos are gone for battling environmental change will rely on upon how they are produced and how the reviving base, which is still to a great extent to be inherent the US and all around, is run. Apple tossing its weight behind this foundation being assembled at all would surely help making electric autos a more well known plausibility.

Apple Turning into Car Manufacturer!!!

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A tool called Memex, developed by the U.S. military’s research and development arm, is a search engine on steroids. Photo: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency


In the run-up to Super Bowl XLIX, a team of social workers in Glendale, Ariz. spent two weeks combing through local classified ads sites. They were looking for listings posted by sex traffickers.

Criminal networks that exploit women often advertise on local sites around events that draw large numbers of transient visitors. “It’s like a flood,” said Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, who headed the Glendale effort.

Dr. Roe-Sepowitz is director of the Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research at Arizona State University. She has worked for five years with authorities in Houston, Las Vegas and Phoenix to find and hunt down traffickers.

In the past, she painstakingly copied and pasted suspicious URLs into a document and looked for patterns that suggested a trafficking ring. This year, she analyzed criminal networks using visual displays from a powerful data-mining tool, one whose capabilities hint at the future of investigations into online criminal networks.

The program, a tool called Memex developed by the U.S. military’s research and development arm, is a search engine on steroids. Rather than endless pages of Web links, it returns sophisticated infographics that represent the relationships between Web pages, including many that a Google search would miss.


Sleuthing Search Engine: Even Better Than Google?

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Samsung seems to be ready to release a bunch of  new accessories for its next galaxy phone and according to new report, the Galaxy S6 is the Samsung telephone of our dreams. This will be Samsung's most critical phone launch ever. As indicated by the spilled news,the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge could be considerably more extravagant than the iPhone 6.

Since only after releasing the new model on March 1 at Barcelona, Samsung's new year seems to start. Samsung is constantly being affected and the profit is constantly falling meanwhile its greatest rival Apple is walking upstairs creating new records in the sales of smartphone. In order to give a handsome competition to Apple and other rival smartphone producing companies, it is necessary for Samsung to launch its new gadget totally different and advanced that its previous phones and other rivals!

New businesses start-ups like Xiaomi have made sense of the enchantment recipe to make smartphones that are apparently more pleasant than Samsung telephones, however cost half as much.

The challenge for the Galaxy S6 launch will be to demonstrate the new smartphone is interesting and sufficient to defend burning through hundreds all the more over an alternate Android smartphone or even the iPhone. That implies Samsung will need to enhance its telephones in two key territories: equipment outline and programming peculiarities.

As per sources acquainted with the organization's arrangements, Samsung is concentrating all the more on configuration and fabricate quality this time around. The Galaxy S6 will be made in any event incompletely of metal, in spite of the fact that its misty on the off chance that it'll have an uni-body configuration like the iPhone. There will likewise be an alternate variant of the smartphone with a blended screen, like the Galaxy Note Edge from the previous fall.

Equipment is the simple part however. The greater test for Samsung will be concocting some special programming and administrations that make the Galaxy S6 emerge. That is a piece of the motivation behind why the iPhone keeps on doing as such well, despite the fact that its a great deal more extravagant than the opposition.

Today, there aren't numerous contrasts between what all the different Android telephones can do, so individuals have a tendency to float towards the gadget with the best specs and least value, which clarifies Xiaomi's gigantic climb throughout the last few years.

Samsung is known for impeding its smartphones with a cluster of unnecessary programming and peculiarities like a faltering Siri contender or touchless controls. As indicated by some obscure gossipy tidbits, Samsung may uproot a ton of that garbage and keep the product much easier in the Galaxy S6.

That is a decent begin, yet likely insufficient to persuade clients to pick Samsung's pricey smartphone over less expensive gadgets that are pretty much as able. Samsung will require an its secret weapon, overall the Galaxy S6 will have an intense time offering, much the same as the Galaxy S5 did a year ago.

This will be Samsung's most vital smartphone launch ever. It was on top for a long time while Apple held up excessively long to discharge a wide screen telephone. Presently it needs to demonstrate it can truly develop.

Samsung this time is supposed to come up with few different covers with e-ink display. Plus it will be an ideal phone to reading books and notification when the battery goes low. The phone will be able to measure heartbeat rate and blood sugar level too.

Samsung normally proclaims a modest bunch of new accessories to oblige its cell phones, however we haven't seen much past its Flip spreads and earphones. Hope to take in more in March.

Why Samsung galaxy S6 will be different than other Samsung phone?

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Whenever we left from what are the things we check? Or is some kind of compulsory to carry??
Keys?? Cell phone?? Id card?? Cash?? Actually I need all of this.

But in USA people with iPhone are already having obsolete credit cards, courtesy of Apple Pay.  

Any American with an iphone 6 has officially obsolete charge cards, civility of Apple Pay. Any Kenyan, Senegalese, and so on with a telephone has since quite a while ago obsolete money, affability of M-Pesa, Orange Money, and so on.

With respect to ID, well, in case you're in Iowa, simply hold up: "Iowans will soon have the capacity to utilize a versatile application on their cell phones as their authority driver's permit at some point in 2015." Can the other 49 states be a long ways behind? Actually, yes. In any case will they be? Expect an abundance of government ID applications at some point throughout the following few years.

In America, money is still the genuine staying point for wallet substitution. Possibly, in case we're fortunate, Coinbase, Changetip, and other Bitcoin new companies will inevitably drag America up to close comparability with African e-money. I absolutely wouldn't set out for some expecting American banks and bearers to do it.

Shouldn't something be said about keys? Effectively set. Kwikset's Kevo let you utilize Bluetooth LE to open your home. Lockitron. Both additionally give you a chance to send makeshift e-keys to visitors, an extremely cool peculiarity not accessible for physical locks.

So on a fundamental level, in the event that you live in Iowa, and don't much utilize money, then when one year from now, you can purchase one of those electronic bolts and dispose of your keys and wallet everlastingly.

However you most likely won't. Since in the event that you ask me, the genuine hindrance notwithstanding key/wallet substitution isn't applications; it’s excess. Lose your telephone today, and you can in any case pay for a ride home and let yourself in. Yet in the event that your telephone duplicates as your key and your wallet, then if/when it’s lost or stolen, you are all of a sudden screwed mind boggling.

Particularly since most online administrations are moving to two-element approval, in which the second variable is a code sent to your telephone. This thusly is considerably more powerless than your keys or wallet. You don't invest a large portion of your waking time waving the recent two around.

So: I anticipate that inside the following 2-3 years, a hefty portion of you will have the capacity to supplant your keys and wallet with your telephone — however few on the off chance that you will really do along these lines, until and unless the excess issue is explained.

Different arrangements do instantly happen, however all are defective. The capacities to provisional download your telephone's approvals/settings onto another/acquired telephone? Possibly, yet that seems like a key-administration security bad dream to me. (Private encryption key, not physical entryway opening key.) Temporary approval for a companion or trusted administration who can take you home and open your entryway? Once more, not without its own particular defects.

Gracious yes. Furthermore recall: unless you claim a Blackphone, you don't control your telephone. Its maker does, its transporter does, and whoever composed its OS does, yet you likely don't have root on its fundamental chip, and you without a doubt don't have root on its baseband processor or its SIM card. Do you truly need your each budgetary exchange, your whole legitimate character, and your right to gain entrance to your own particular home to be directed by a gadget controlled not by you, however by various separate super combinations? With truly no fallback to stupid morally sound beast constrain genuine substances, for example, steel keys and $50 bills?

I excessively might want to leave my home with just my telephone and leave my keys and wallet in the past where they have a place. Anyway it appears like before we do that all at once, we have to tackle the same issues that appear to be emitting all over else around our reality, both online and disconnected from the net: excess, security.


Carry Keys, Wallet and Cell Phones: Till When

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Smart phone, of course are build for ease and comfort. These hi-tech devices actually simplify our life. According to new research it is said that smartphone developers should develop up a provision to end on distraction during driving. While running down the road in car, people are engaged more in phone then on driving! Rather than the hooding of "Don't mix Drink and Drive" there, now should be "don't mix text and drive". Tough but true! the pre-loaded several deal finding and location apps which are pre -installed in the phone alerts wherever you go! The functionality seems to be best but is bothering during driving and making less focus on driving!

Everybody discusses the dangers of messaging and driving, and our pavlovian need to react to approaching messages while in the driver's seat. In any case alarm fights concentrated on changing client conduct can just go so far – now is the right time for a few OS-level intercession.

Not disregarding the reality there are today many outsider applications that can either impair messaging, caution to or screen the quantity of times somebody is messaging in the driver's seat, or help you abstain from messaging through voice gimmicks or portrayal. However they are not full arrangements, particularly on ios which confines applications' capacity to control OS characteristics. Also they just manage on one of numerous issues with in the driver's seat utilization of cell phones: messaging

A genuine arrangement would likewise take out the various numerous distractions that cell phones bring, including the buzz sound of applications, continually clamoring for clients' consideration.

Advanced cell phones are outfitted with a scope of sensors that can discover things like your area, rise, orientation, and whether you're strolling or driving. A few applications, in the same way as the social driving application Waze, later gained by Google, tap into cell phone sensors trying to make utilizing its application more secure for drivers. For instance, Waze automatically disables the texting when it discovered motion of car.

However shouldn't something be said about the other applications that don't have car motion sensor? Shouldn't they, as well, begin considering whether clients ought to have the capacity to include content at 60 mph? Couldn't that Facebook post hold up, for instance? Is it necessary to tweet that at that instance?

But surrendering the decision over to application distributes may not be the best arrangement.

But when all the application developers stop or block the applications usage during driving, the problem that they could find declining engagement and client dissatisfactions. When its all said and done, simply on the grounds that you're speeding not far off in a vehicle or something to that affect, that doesn't mean you're driving it. What's more that implies application producers would need to do what Waze did – have a "withdraw" instrument where you tell the application that you're riding in a traveler seat. (As a traveler, that is an irritating peculiarity to face each time you dispatch an application while in the auto. Also for drivers "tricking" the framework, it could exacerbate matters.)

As opposed to asking application designers to reconfigure their applications for more secure utilization, a superior arrangement would be a framework level change: an "auto mode" setting, actuated when your telephone is associated with the auto through Bluetooth or physically connecting it to the vehicle can be a better alternative.

What about and end on distracted driving: Smartphone

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Cyber criminals seem to have it good these days. With the repeated hacking of Sony, Bitcoin and financial giants like JP Morgan, it seems like no one is safe. In recent years, cybercrime has steadily increased; in 2013, targeted cyber-attacks increased 91% from the previous year. 2014 far surpassed 2013 in number of attacks, not even including the massive Sony breach. Half of the data stolen is financial, and cyber-terrorism is coming to the forefront with the threats against Sony and the American media over the comedy movie The Interview. Black hat hackers are getting bolder, more powerful. 

cyber safety

Protecting Yourself from the Rising Threat of Cybercriminals

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Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are just few months old but Apple watchers are busy looking ahead in 2015 for what Apple's Smartphone plans for the year. Here, we round up all of the rumors about the iPhone 6's successor, dubbed iPhone 6S, including release date rumors, specs and new features.

iPhone 6S release date rumours: When is the iPhone 6S coming out?

September 2015 is the most likely date for release for iPhone 6S, no changes with Apple's iPhone release schedule history. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released in September 2014, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in September 2013, the iPhone 5 in September 2012 and the iPhone 4S in October 2011.

It is also possible that Apple will start releasing new Smartphone twice a year, to keep up with rivals such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and more.

But rumors from Stabley Times, claims: "Our source says that Apple is hesitant about launching the iWatch in the spring of 2015 without a new iPhone to go along with it, as it could give hesitant consumers an excuse to wait on buying both until the fall."

Note that the report calls the Apple Watch the 'iWatch', a name that was widely rumored for Apple's smartwatch but wasn't used by the company.

iPhone 6S rumors: What new features will the iPhone 6S have?

Rumors about iPhones still haven’t picked pace but yeah, we can expect to see them tumbling in daily as 2015 continues. Some new features, specs and designs are listed below.

It is suggested that iPhone 6S will be joined by an 'iPhone 6S mini', a new 4in Smartphone from Apple that will launch alongside the iPhone 6S and 5.5in iPhone 7 in 2015.

Regarding iPhone 6S, it is expected that iPhone will stick in its 4.7inch display, as screen size
isnt going well with fans so far. The physical outlook will also be same so expect the same slim, light and rounded design that's sported by the iPhone 6 to be present when the iPhone 6S arrives. Some rumors also inspire that it will have "sidewall displays" that extend onto the sides of the iPhone, providing interactive or touch-sensitive portions that provide access to the slide-to-unlock feature, music player controls, messaging readout, caller ID, system controls and more.

Also rumors are about a 3D pressure sensor for the iphone 6s' screen, which could imply that Apple is wanting to bring the Force Technology that it utilizes as a part of its Apple Watch to empower the iphone 6s to separate between a tap and a press, which could give an intriguing approach to communicate with the Smartphone.

iPhone 6S rumors: Camera

Chinese website United Daily News says that Apple's iPhone 6S will have a dual-lens camera that   offers optical zoom capabilities and allow users to capture "DSLR-quality imagery.". The aperture is likely to improve, too.

iPhone 6S rumors: Processor

Rumored name of new processor is A9; being manufactured by Samsung, which is apparently in talks with Apple about becoming the sole manufacturer of its chips, a role it once had before the responsibility was handed over to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).
iPhone 6S will have 2GB or RAM rather than 1GB found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which could indicate that iOS 9 will have better multitasking features that would be possible thanks to the extra memory.

iPhone 6S rumors: Gaming joystick Home button

The Home button could have a spring beneath it that allows it to pop up and become a joystick for when you're playing one of the many amazing games available on the iOS App Store.

iPhone 6S rumors: Battery life

There have been some rumors about different charging methods for the iPhone 6S, including wireless charging, as well as a new, reversible USB charger.

This is all for this time. Keep checking for new updates of this news.

iPhone 6S Release Date Rumors & New Features: Could Have Joystick Home Button

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